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「亜人ちゃんは試したい」 (Demi-chan wa Tameshita)
“Demi-chan Wants To Try”

This may have been the best Satou-sensei episode to date.

More Satou-sensei Please!

After covering the daily struggles of being a succubus as well as some of the finer troubles that come along with the ability to seduce the opposite sex by just flashing your skin, it was rather refreshing to finally see Satou-sensei have some fun with the man she has her eyes on. Sure, it may have been prompted by a little bit of nudging from Ugaki and begun under the guise of a basic succubus discussion, I’m glad to see that it turned into a genuine heartfelt discussion that helped alleviate some of Satou-sensei’s insecurities about not only her views about romance and love but herself as a person.

If I had to pick my favorite part about the whole interaction though, I think the moment where Takahashi-sensei refuted the idea that a succubus’ power amplifies attraction and instead believes it’s just another element that makes Satou-sensei a wonderful person caught me so off guard that I had to take a second to recover (almost like how Satou-sensei did).

That said, because this is a slice-of-life or school life show, it’s a shame that all these moments probably won’t have a payout somewhere down the road. Especially since it looks like Satou-sensei and Takahashi-sensei could make a pretty darn good couple all things considered. Then again, if I remember correctly Takahashi-sensei has a good amount of years on her but I guess once you’ve reached a certain point in life what’s a few years difference?

Controlling Your Powers

Man, can you imagine how crazy of a theme shift it’d be if Demi’s could control their powers in any sort of abusive way? Random thoughts aside, the latter half of the episode was a nice way to bring things down from the somewhat serious tone that built up earlier. With most of it focusing on our three favorite girls suffering from the summer heat, I thought it would have been cool if Yuki was able to somehow turn into a portable air conditioner. And as disappointing as it was that she wasn’t able to do so, everything got a lot better once I had a question that’s been on my mind for a long time answered. Why in the world does Kyouko wear a vest when it’s so hot? Now me know :^)

Looking Ahead

With the end of the season rapidly approaching, I’m getting a little sad thinking about just how little time we have left with some of the best characters of the season. Luckily it looks like the source material is still chugging along and that leaves me with some hope that something may happen in the future. In any case I’ll see you around where we’re apparently about to meet some really science-y looking fellow.

See you then!



March 5, 2017 at 6:45 pm