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Koi to Uso – 12 (END)

「恋と嘘」 (Koi to Uso)
“Love and Lies”

Lying long enough to find a new truth.

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Centaur no Nayami – 10, 11

「花の名前は…… は人の数だけあるんだよ, ってきっと嘘! / 美しさは人の数だけあるんだよ, 広義で言えばきっと本当?」 (Hana no Namae wa…… wa Hito Kazu Dake Arunda yo, tte Kitto Uso! / Utsukushisa wa Hito no Kazu Dake Arunda yo, Kougi de Ieba Kitto Hontou?)
“There Are As Many Names of Flowers… As There Are People, But That`s Totally a Lie! / There Are As Many Types of Beauty As There Are People, Which Is Probably True If Used in a Broad Sense?”

Enough of your vile postulations! These are purely for the sake of visual appreciation!

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