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Yuuki Yuuna wa Yuusha de Aru: Yuusha no Shou – 02

「大切な思い出」 (大切な思い出)
“Important Memories”

Packed full of action, with several swerves at the end.

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Boruto -Naruto Next Generations- – 34, 35

「星降る夜」/ 「三者面談…!!」
(Hoshi Furu Yoru) / (Sansha Mendan…!!)
“The Night of The Shooting Stars” / “The Parent Teacher Conference!”

Now hopefully, that will be my final double post for a while.

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Netojuu no Susume – 09

「その気持ちマーブル」 (Sono Kimochi Maaburu)
“That Feeling is Called Marble”

Koiwai-san? More like Browai-san.

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Shoukoku no Altair – 21

「友帝の同盟」 (Tomo mikado no Doumei)
“Alliance Against the Empire”

Never underestimate your opponent, it always has a bad habit of coming back to haunt you.

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