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3-gatsu no Lion 2nd Season – 10

「銀の羽根 / 川景色」 (Gin no Hane / Kawa keshiki)
“Silver Feathers / River Scenery”

If you believe, and work hard at it everyday, for even an hour longer than all of your rivals, there’s a good chance your dream will come true to some extent.

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Konohana Kitan – Pure Bathing Culture

Just in time to enjoy Toshikoshi Soba for the New Year

What a charming series this was!

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Juuni Taisen – 12 (END)

「どうしても叶えたいたったひとつの願いと割とそうでもない99の願い」 (Doushitemo Kanaetai Tatta Hitotsu no Negai to Wari to Sou demo Nai no Negai)
“The One Wish That Must Be Granted, and the Ninety-nine That Can Be Done Without “

I’ve got 99 problems, and a wish is the 100th one.

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