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Yuru Camp – 08

「テスト, カリブー, まんじゅううまい」 (Test, Caribou, Manjuu Umai)
“Exams, Caribou, Steamed Buns, Yum!”

Remember to reload your save file if you buy the wrong expensive camping equipment.

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Violet Evergarden – 07


What manner of demon would force a man to write sober?

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Sora Yori mo Tooi Basho – 08

「吠えて、狂って、絶叫して」 (Hoete, Kurutte, Zekkyoushite)
“Howling, Maddening, Screaming”

We just have to do our best, right? We don’t have any other choice.

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Overlord II – 07

「蒼の薔薇」 (Aoi no Bara)
“Blue Roses”

Where verbal tics meet cute blonde faces.

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Gakuen Babysitters – 07

「その6」 (Part 6)
“Part 6″

It was inevitable that the subject of romance was going to be playing a bigger role in Gakuen Babysitters.

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Karakai Jouzu no Takagi-san – 07

「買い物 / 水着 / 海 / 部屋)」 (Kaimono / Mizugi / Umi / Heya)
“Shopping / Swimsuit / Ocean / Room “

It’s not what it looks like! I swear, I only read 100% Unrequited Love for the comic relief!

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Nanatsu no Taizai: Imashime no Fukkatsu – 06

「償いの聖騎士長」 (Tsugunai no Seikishi-chou)
“The Atonement of the Great Holy Knight”

Probably shoulda just killed him.

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Fate/EXTRA Last Encore – 04

「顔の無い王 -ノーフェイス・メイキング-」 (Kao no Nai-Oh -Noufeisu Meikingu-)
“Faceless King -No-Face May-King-”

In real life, is poison ever actually purple?

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Cardcaptor Sakura Clear Card Hen – 07

「さくらとお庭でおにごっこ」 (Sakura to Oniwa de Onigokko)
“Sakura and A Game of Tag in the Garden”

While it may not have been much different than last week’s episode, I really appreciated that we got to see a card with a different personality than the ones we’ve already seen.

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Kokkoku – 07

「㐧漆刻」 (Dai Nana Koku)
“The Seventh Moment”

We might have to make a diagram of everyone’s allegiances soon.

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Mahoutsukai no Yome – 19

「Any Port in a Storm」

Yamazaki Kore pulls no punches when she goes dark, and while it doesn’t happen all that often, she can go very dark indeed.

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Darling in the Franxx – 06

「ダーリン・イン・ザ・フランクス」 (Daarin in za Furankusu)
“Darling in the FranXX”

Trust me darling, I’m an animal in the bed.

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citrus – 07

「love or lie!」

Why stick with one sister when you can have two.

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Boruto -Naruto Next Generations- – 45

「雪の日の記憶」 (Yuki no hi no kioku)
“Memories From The Day of Snow”

Proletarians of all ninja nations, unite!

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Koi wa Ameagari no You ni – 06

「沙雨」 (Sau)
“Fine Rain”

If there was one thing I didn’t expect to see, it was the element of friendship rearing its unsightly head into an already messy scenario. That doesn’t mean I didn’t love it though.

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