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I’m a full-time wage slave and part-time fantasy writer. I have many interests, including: marketing, craft beer, web comics, tropes, geopolitical news, video games (mainly LoL at the moment), JPop, and staying awake really, really late. Oh, and anime, manga, and light novels, of course. In between holding down the job and finishing my first novel, I’m here to terrorize you with my views on some of the silliest anime airing today, and maybe get in a little practice writing while I’m at it.

Follow me on twitter (@StiltsOutLoud) for comments on every show I’m watching.
Here’s My Anime List, in case you’re curious about that sort of thing.
You can also always reach me at stilts@randomc.net with any questions, concerns, or dirty jokes.

Yoroshiku onegaishimasu, ne?


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