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Cutie Honey Universe – 07

「あなただけに尽くします」 (Anata dake ni Tsukushimasu)
“Devotion to You Alone”

If this were animated by a more ambitious studio/director, it’d be mindblowing.

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Cutie Honey Universe – 06

「あなたの幸福を祈る」 (Anata no Koufuku o Inoru)
“May Fortune Befall You”

“Go to Hell, You Mortals”

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Cutie Honey Universe – 05

「死ぬまで気持ちは変わりません」 (Shinu made Kimochi wa Kawarimasen)
“Till Death Do Us Part”

Don’t you hate it when you go on a private jet to a secluded warehouse only to find out the mayor want to sell you weapons? (NSFW WARNING)

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Cutie Honey Universe – 04

「無垢の美しさ」 (Muku no Utsukushisa)
“Pure Beauty”

I gotta BE the marble! (NSFW Warning)

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Cutie Honey Universe – 03

「私はあなたにふさわしい」 (Watashi wa Snata ni Fusawashii)
“I Am Made for You”

Now we know why there’s a high turn-over rate at Panther Claw’s Human Resources department.

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Cutie Honey Universe – 02

「あなたに出会えた事の心からの喜び」 (Anata ni Deaeta Koto no Kokoro Kara no Yorokobi)
“The True Joy of Having Met You”

Would it have killed Dr. Kisaragi to come up with a shorter nickname for the “Airborne Element Fixing Device”?

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Cutie Honey Universe – 01

「あなたは全てが完璧」 (Anata wa Subete ga Kanpeki)
“Everything About You Is Perfect”

Finally, a Saturday morning cartoon for the refined individual.
NSFW for Honey Flash

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