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Bungou Stray Dogs – 14

「戻れない場所」 (Moderenai Basho)
“Nowhere to Return”

It seems like Bungou Stray Dogs will be taking the prequel route with this season, focusing more on Oda than Dazai but still keeping it within the Port Mafia.

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Fune wo Amu – 01

「茫洋」 (Bouyou)

Written as: Extensive Ocean — like the dream-conjured sea waves of a hundred thousand words suffocating an unsuccessful salesman’s comprehension of language.

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Drifters – 02

「踵鳴る」 (Kakatonaru)

Now this is how you do a second episode.

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Ajin – 14

「なんかめんどくさくなってきた」 (Nanka Mendokusakunatte Kita)
“Things Have Become Difficult”

Either the CGI has gotten a little better since the first season or I’ve gotten used to it, because I hardly noticed it.

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Flip Flappers – 02

「ピュアコンバータ」 (Pyuakonbāta)
“Pure Converter”

Strange, but familiar.

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Yuri!!! on Ice – 02

「2人のユーリ!? ゆ~とぴあの乱」 (Futari no Yuuri! ? Yuutopia no Ran)
“Two Yuris?! Drama at Yu-topia”

#yurioniceisgreat #animeissaved #ninja

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Hibike! Euphonium 2 – 02

「とまどいフルート」 (Tomadoi Furuuto)
“Hesitation Flute”

It’s a pool episode! Except it’s not your typical pool episode, because it’s all about band drama.

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Brave Witches – 02

「羽ばたけチドリ」 (Habatake Chidori)
“Take Flight, Chidori”

I was expecting a few things this week. That shocker with Takami sure wasn’t one of them.

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Gundam: Tekketsu no Orphans 2 – 02

「瘯心の渦中で」 (Shishin no Kachuu de)
“The the Midst of Jealousy”

The foundations for a long-term plot are being put in place, but the short-term rewards are limited.

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Stella no Mahou – 02

「たのしい創作」 (Tanoshii Sousaku)
“Game-Making Is Fun”

Another episode full of quirky gags and just the right amount of poking at all of our hidden inner tendencies. What more could you want?

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Girlish Number – 01

「やさぐれ千歳と腐った業界」 (Yasagure Chitose to Kusatta Gyoukai)
“The Apathetic Chitose and the Rotten Industry”

Girlish Number is the bleak, cynical version of SHIROBAKO. It’s an anime about an aspiring seiyuu that shits on light novel adaptations, pokes fun at otaku, and reminds us how messed up this industry is. I never expected to be one of the more thought-provoking shows this season.

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Long Riders! – 01

「小さな奇跡」 (Chisana Kiseki)
“A Small Miracle”

More slice of slice than sports anime – like Yama no Susume and Bakuon!! had a college-aged baby.

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Shuumatsu no Izetta – 02

「傷痕と, 銃声と」 (Kizuato to, Juusei to)
“Mit Narben und Schüssen | Scars and Gunfire “

‘I feel sorry for the Nazis.’ – Passerby, 2016

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Udon no Kuni no Kiniro Kemari – 01

「ぶっかけうどん」 (Bukkake udon)
“Bukkake Udon”

It’s the one Seinfeldism I find most indispensable for blogging: “It’s so nice when it happens good.”

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Watashi ga Motete Dousunda – 01

「できるかな?リアル乙女ゲー」 (Dekiru ka na? Riaru Otome ge)
“Can She Do It? A Real Life Otome Game”

Whether fujoshi or not, there’s a lot here for anime fans to collectively giggle over.

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