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Gundam 00 Second Season – 01

In the year 2312, following an attack on an asteroid by a group of A-LAWS mobile suits, anti-government force Katharon members Klaus Grad and Shirin Bakhtiar discuss how there was a new mobile suit involved.

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Gundam 00 Series 2 – CM6


The commercial that aired after today’s CODE GEASS R2 finale is probably the last Gundam 00 second series trailer before it actually begins airing next week. The wailing in the background of this one was rather jarring – it reminded me of Diva’s song from Blood+ – and made the mood of the series seem a lot darker than in the previous commercials. Anyway, it looks like Setsuna will start the new series off with the Exia in a battle against an Ahead mobile suit, but the Exia will probably get destroyed or Setsuna will realize that it’s no longer sufficient, and that will lead to him getting his new Gundam. The thing that caught my eye in the character montage part of the commercial is that in the next to last shot where Sumeragi is in bed while Billy is nearby. Did she sleep with him?

Also, for anyone who’s wondering, the Fall 2008 Preview is now 95% done. I’m going to add the finishing touches after I write up the CODE GEASS R2 finale.

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Gundam 00 Series 2 – CM5


Another week, another new Gundam 00 commercial. I can’t say I’m surprised at how many commercials there have been since there were a ton of Geass R2 ones back in the spring as well, and they probably want to get as many Geass fans as possible to watch the next show in the Sunday timeslot. As for this commercial, it brings back the UVERworld song (Hakanaku mo Towa no Kanashi) and the rapidly-flashing-by of images. It’s a little more mecha oriented than the previous ones due to all the new Gundams plus the Ahead and the GN-XIII types being shown, but there are some character shots in there too, including Soma, Kathy, and more Saji. Heck, I almost didn’t recognize Kathy because her uniform, short hair, and face made her look like a man.

This commercial also prompted me to visit the official site again, and I noticed that they’ve updated with a lot of characters since I last checked (don’t click the link if you don’t want to be spoiled). The masked character in particular is kind of amusing because it’s pretty obvious who that is, yet the official site makes it seem like a mystery. I’m curious to see how they develop him into a villain (assuming they do so) and if he’ll be a bigger threat than Ribbons.

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Gundam 00 Series 2 – CM4


This is a little over a week old now, but I neglected to post a Gundam 00 commercial that aired with Macross Frontier ep. 21. For the sake of completion, here it is. This one is essentially an extended version of the third commercial, so it doesn’t show too much new stuff, and the biggest thing that stood out to me was the brief shot of Saji and Setsuna together – it makes Saji look a lot less plain/boring than he does in the other shot. And since it features more of the ED, this commercial also gave me a more favorable view of Ishikawa Chiaki‘s Prototype.

Incidentally, on the topic of new series, the reason there’s been no Daily Doses lately is because I’ve been working on the next season preview. There are thirty-something new series this time around…

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Gundam 00 Series 2 – CM3


Another new Gundam 00 commercial aired after today’s episode of CODE GEASS R2. This one is accompanied by a new Ishikawa Chiaki song titled Prototype, and it features Lockon, Sumeragi, Louise looking like she’s going to throw up, Felt, a short-haired (and rather plain/boring looking) Saji, and a creepy shot of a damaged Exia in battle. It’s interesting stuff, but I liked the fast-paced commercial that debuted three weeks ago a bit more. Of course, that probably has as much to do with the songs accompanying these commercials as anything else, and I definitely prefer the UVERworld one. I would guess that that’s going to be the new OP whereas Prototype will likely be the new ED.

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Gundam 00 Series 2 – CM2


A new Gundam 00 commercial aired today after CODE GEASS R2, and it’s got a lot of juicy bits – much more than the first commercial. Among other things, it looks like Wang Liu Mei grew up (her new haircut makes her look kind of evil), Saji’s going to be getting a bigger piece of the action, Louise is going to become a pilot, Allelujah is restrained insane-asylum style, and the Ptolemaios is back (or at least a variation of it). The song (probably the OP) accompanying the commercial sounds like it’s by UVERworld, but I was wrong about CODE GEASS R2 and ORANGE RANGE back when R2′s commercials were airing, so it’s entirely possible that this could be someone else as well. In any case, this was more than enough to get me excited about the continuation, and Gundam 00 should make the loss of R2 easier to handle come October.

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The Daily Dose

  • After nearly a one-month hiatus because of the new season, I’m back to doing Daily Doses. This particular post is a bit of a backlog post for the big items from the past few weeks.
  • If you watched the first Gundam 00 series and haven’t yet been spoiled about a certain something, I urge you NOT to go to the official site. I made the mistake of doing so after I saw the commercial that aired after this weekend’s episode of CODE GEASS, and I got spoiled when I checked out the details on the list of Mobile Suits.
  • New Anime Announcements (list almost entirely courtesy of MOON PHASE)
         • BLACK LAGOON is getting a third series.
         • Kyou no Go no Ni is also getting a television anime (instead of more OVAs).
         • ef – a tale of melodies anime has been announced for this Fall season.
         • Umineko no Naku Koro ni is getting an anime.
         • Shounen manga Kuroshitsuji is getting an anime.
         • Mystery/supernatural novel series Mouryou no Hako is getting an anime that’ll be         produced by Madhouse and will have character designs done by CLAMP.
         • Love adventure game Akane Iro ni Somaru Saka will be getting an anime this Fall. This         series is going to have a truckload of voice talent, including the likes of Hirano Aya,         Kugimiya Rie, Inoue Marina, and Tanaka Rie.
  • The Tales of the Abyss anime adaptation will air this Fall on MBS, meaning it has a good chance of taking Macross F’s Thursday timeslot since Gundam 00 is likely replacing CODE GEASS R2.
  • The White Album anime adaptation has a website now with news that the series will start January of 2009. It will feature Hirano Aya and Mizuki Nana in two of the lead roles.
  • And finally, in the aftermath of the leaked BONES document incident, MOON PHASE confirms that he got word a while ago that there is indeed a new Full Metal Alchemist series in the works – an original manga version – likely to be officially announced at the end of the year.
  • If you find anything that you think I should mention on any particular day’s Daily Dose, please send me an email with the words “ANIME NEWS” somewhere in the subject line.
  • Image at left courtesy of サツキ on pixiv (account needed to access)….and yes, I have been reading Toradora! recently

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    Gundam 00 – 25

    With Alejandro keeping him at bay with the Alvatore’s beam cannons, Setsuna follows Lasse’s advice to shoot at the pieces of the container that the Alvatore is still holding on to.

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    Gundam 00 – 24

    Two years ago, when Sumeragi first introduced Setsuna to the other Gundam Meisters, Allelujah and Tieria had thought that he was too young.

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    Gundam 00 – 23

    As he watches video of the Exia’s battle, Alejandro expresses his surprise over how such a function was installed into the Gundams.

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    Gundam 00 – 22

    In the aftermath of the battle with the GN-Xs, Lockon is put in intensive-care unit of the Ptolemaios.

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    Gundam 00 – 21

    At a police station in the Human Reform League, Saji is shown his sister’s body and begins grieving over her.

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    Gundam 00 – 20

    At a train station in Spain, Saji checks his cell phone messages and remembers how the nurse had told him back at the hospital that they can’t perform regenerative therapy for Louise’s left hand.

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    Gundam 00 – 19

    In the surprise attack against the Trinity siblings, Setsuna directs the Exia to strike at Nena’s Throne Drei first, but Michael steps in to protect her with his Throne Zwei.

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    Gundam 00 – 18

    Continuing with their mission, the Gundam Thrones strike an AEU base in Italy while Setsuna and company have been told to wait for orders.

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