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Log Horizon – 05

「アキバへの帰還」 (Akiba e no Kikan)
“Return to Akihabara”

It’s a game but also not a game; the more our heroes learn, the more real the world of Elder Tales becomes. Also, food porn!

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Log Horizon – 04

「脱出」 (Dasshutsu)

Nyanta joins the party, followed by a ferocious battle to make their escape.

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Log Horizon – 03

「パルムの深き場所」 (Parumu no Fukaki Basho)
“The Depths of Palm”

Shiroe & co dive into a dungeon upon which reality is encroaching, while in Suskino players-turned-brigands rule the city.

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Log Horizon – 02

「ロカの遭遇戦」 (Roka no Souguu-sen)
“The Battle of Loka”

It’s confirmed – this is not a death game. The combat is damn good though, and any feeling that was lacking in the premiere came through better this episode.

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Log Horizon – 01

「大災害」 (Dai Saigai)
“The Apocalypse”

A sword-and-sorcery adventure in an MMORPG world. This feels exactly like what stepping into an MMO would be like, complete with a lightness of tone and an adorable roleplaying ninja.

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