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Random Curiosity Power Rankings – June 2007 RESEED

Based on the responses from the initial Power Rankings post, and because I’ve watched an obscene amount of anime in the past week for the purpose of providing a better ranking, I’ve updated the rankings and descriptions for each, as well as removed/added shows. Keep in mind that I’m only doing this “reseeding” as a follow-up to the first post – just because a show might have dropped 10 spots doesn’t mean the latest ep really sucked! Subsequent power ranking posts will come about once a month!

June 2007 Rank (LW) Title Comment
1 (1) Gurren Lagann A great beach episode that not only elevated Nia to the Tessa stratosphere, but also had Yoko using her much-needed screen time well. Notice how Yoko looked a tad bit cuter this episode? The action remained nothing short of insanity, we saw the dramatic death of one of the prime evils, and there was even time for a haircut scene. In terms of sheer volume of enjoyment, the other shows don’t even come close to this.
2 (4) Lucky Star What’s this…consistency? Even the dialogue-exclusive episodes are really starting to be enjoyable. Whether this has to do with the dialogue getting better (maybe), the subject matter being more interesting (not likely), or just me getting used to this group of friends (there we go), Lucky Star has really, truly, deeply become a special, special show. Episode 11 was pure love.
3 (6) Claymore One way I evaluate anime is how badly it makes me want to read the manga after a cliffhanger – for those who haven’t done it already, this seems to be an issue that becomes more and more prevalent every week. Meanwhile, the anime is doing a great job of keeping it together and keeping it legit – somewhat of a rarity these days so far into the series!

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Server Maintenance Complete

Sorry the server maintenance took longer than expected, it took longer than we expected for the hosting company to actually get the replacement server in place, then about 12 hours to reconfigure it. The site (and server) should be more stable now that we have the bad hardware replaced. :)

Comments have been reopened on all posts, be sure to let us know if you encounter any problems!

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Server Maintenance Tonight

We will be taking down the server to do some maintenance late tonight starting at approximately 3AM Eastern Standard Time. All comments will be disabled around 9PM so that we can back up the databases before the maintenance. If everything goes well, the server should be back up and running normally sometime tomorrow (Thursday), though I’m not sure exactly when.
Comments have now been disabled.

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Random Curiosity Power Rankings – June 2007

In Random Curiosity’s endless pursuit to distract you from real-world productivity, we’ve devised another way to hopefully make your summer days a little less boring. Introducing…monthly power rankings! Pachi pachi pachi.

Those who follow sports will be familiar with these – sites like ESPN typically have weekly power rankings to track teams’ progress throughout the season. If anything, it’s just fun to compare things. The difference with the anime rankings and those in sports is that we’re trying to compare things that pretty much fall in completely different genres, and don’t even go head-to-head against each other any sort of way outside of TV ratings, which we don’t have access to nor really want to bother with, since Japanese people have strange tastes anyways (who the hell watches crayon shin-chan).

June 2007 Rank (LW) Title Comment
1 (1)
Gurren Lagann Even (especially) with the unheralded loss of Kamina, GL grabs the top spot with its ability to maintain its distinct wackiness, feverish action, and likeable characters. The addition of flowery Nia to brighten up the gloom was a brilliant move – which begs the question, Yoko or Nia? Big guns are hot, but so are flower petal pupils.
2 (2)
Denno Coil DC is a lovable series because it dares to dream, and yet doesn’t get greedy. A great premise coupled with solid animation and upbeat action, together with an uncertain yet anticipated ending – all the makings of a great show. After a strong showing in episodes 1-3, an epic episode 4 bumps it to the second spot. Who would’ve thought, such a special show came so late in the season.
3 (3)
Seto no Hanayome I was a little surprised that the whole show moved to a generic school setting, but my doubts were cast aside as SetoHana keeps hitting us hard with uproarious humor and falling sakura petals, at the same time introducing several more interesting characters. Weird thing is, one of them is a Haruhi clone, the other an Akira-sama clone. Points for having the most unique beta-male character in recent memory.

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FreezeFrame: Have You Seen This?

While we still have a few weeks before the summer shows roll around, I thought I’d take this time to backtrack on some of the spring shows that might have gone under the radar, or just plain ignored by us at Random Curiosity. If you’re not already watching them, I’m hoping I can convince you to at least give the first episode a chance – the spring season had quite an extensive list and it would be a shame to let these shows slip by.

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Random Musings – Starcraft 2 And Live-Action Negima Edition

  • I’m having a small bout of insomnia, and well, the news out of South Korea that Starcraft 2 is coming out doesn’t help put me to sleep. The only odd thing I find with all this is that the Games Radar article I linked above is exactly right about everything, but it was available in its entirety quite a bit earlier than the IGN live-blogging of the event. In any case, I grew up playing Starcraft and Warcraft games, so I’m quite excited about this, and I can’t wait to see some of the videos that Blizzard is currently showing at their Worldwide Invitational. That was fast. It’s on YouTube. The official site is up with good quality videos.
  • In other news, famous manga-ka Akamatsu Ken confirmed that his popular series Mahou Sensei Negima is getting a live-action drama. It seems that the actresses for the 31 girls of Negi’s class have been decided, and as MOON PHASE notes, they’ll probably all be child actresses and gravure idols. The first thing I thought of when I read the news was PGSM, and that didn’t exactly leave me with fond memories. I’m a bit afraid to see what Negima will look like in a live-action format (wigs all over the place I would guess and maybe a stuffed animal for Kamo-kun), but morbid curiosity compels me to follow this.
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    HEY! HEY! HEY! Music Champ – Horie Yui Appearance

    Popular voice actress Horie Yui‘s newest single Days / Say cheese! placed eighth on last week’s Oricon chart, and, as I mentioned last week, she made an appearance on the HEY!HEY!HEY! MUSIC CHAMP program that aired today.

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    Random Musings – For Those Of You Wondering About Rain In The Poll…

    I normally don’t talk about non-anime related stuff, but this was too funny to resist if you know anything about Rain or popular Korean music. Time Magazine in recent years has been making a list called the Time 100 – The People Who Shape Our World. They also ran an online poll to see who people think should be #1, and the winner of that by a large margin was Rain. #2 was Stephen Colbert, and that’s what led to the above video.

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    UVERworld – endscape PV (Terra e… OP)

    UVERworld’s latest song endscape is featured as the opening of the series Terra e… which I actually ended up watching only two episodes of (and blogged just the first). Despite that, I remember how much I liked the small bits of it played in the promos and how the TV-size version didn’t quite appeal to me as much. I’m not sure if its a factor of time elapsed since the season started or just the full version being better, but I like endscape a lot more now that I’ve had a chance to listen to the entire length of the song. I still prefer Colors of the Heart overall, but this is nevertheless a good song that’s quite catchy. The PV also looks like there’s a pretty high level of production quality even though it features mostly TAKUYA∞ singing and the band playing against different backgrounds with shots of floating globes, one of which contains the sun.

    UVERworld’s seventh single endscape is set to be released on May 30th, 2007.

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    Random Musings – Da Capo II Anime And Other News

  • As I’m sure many of you have already heard, the big news for today is that Da Capo II is getting an anime. In an interview published in the June edition of Comptiq (the same magazine that Lucky Star is serialized in and pimps every week), producer tororo stated among other things that he wanted the anime to be as long as possible. There’s no set air-date yet, and I haven’t paid much attention to the game since it came out about a year ago, but I’m interested in seeing how this turns out.
  • In other upcoming anime news, Kamen no Maid Guy is also getting an anime, but I suspect that most people aren’t familiar with this series. I was first introduced to the manga almost two years ago when Dom wrote about it over at MegaTokyo. To use his description, it’s “the heartwarming story of a maid-loving rich old man, his almost-of-age granddaughter Naeka, and the musclebound, shark-toothed, mask-wearing freak of a maid he assigns to protect her until her 18th birthday.” It’s very fun to read, and I hope it translates well into anime form.
  • For those of you who are watching sola, it was announced on the official production blog that the show is going to be 15 episodes total, two of which will be DVD-exclusive. The one that is to be included with DVD 4 (on sale September 25th) is going to be “packed with the charms of the characters of sola,” but they are keeping secret about the one to be included with the final DVD 5 (on sale October 26th).
  • In seiyuu news, it seems that popular voice actress Horie Yui will be appearing on HEY!HEY!HEY! MUSIC CHAMP soon. Her appearance is being filmed this Thursday, so it might air next Monday. I mention this mainly because many of you may remember how Hirano Aya generated a lot of buzz last year from appearing on the same show.
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    Random Musings – Another One Of Those Days…

    You ever have one of those days that’s completely filled with only highs and lows? That’s what I went through today, and it’s quite exhausting. Anyway, Nodame and Darker than Black will be up soon.

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    FreezeForward: Spring 2007 Preview?

    So Euphie finally proved to everyone she’s no Lacus clone, Light-o got his evil eye back, Chiaki got every woman in the audience fantasizing about his baton, and psychokaede hit her limit break and came one “USO DA” short of psychorena status. Not to mention Mayumi went full-blown Haruhi on a school…of fish. Sure, a lot of stuff happened these past two weeks, but it’s not doing it for me anymore. You know when you’re at a theme park on one of the less popular rollercoaster rides with no line, after the ride is over you ask the operator if you can just sit there and go again, rather than getting off, walking all the way around through the banisters, just to get back in the same seat? It’s kinda like that with the current season…it had its high points and low points, but now that it’s coming to an end, I don’t want to get back out and wait for it to start again – the next ride needs to start already!

    So, thanks to Omni once again, we have an extensive list of the wannabes, the gonnabes, and the otherwise uninspired anime of the new season. So, which one is which? In yet another pointless and drunkenly conceived FreezeFrame, here’s my extremely biased and borderline prejudiced preview of the Spring shows that will surely dominate my life for the next several months.

    Premieres March 28th, 2007

    A girl with self-confidence issues and chronic stage fright…in the drama club. Fans of the perpetual blush need look no further. At first glance, this show looks like crap, but that’s what I thought La Corda would be, and that actually turned out to be quite effective at igniting the shoujo flames that burn strong within me. She even looks like she could be Hino’s younger sister…moeee
    Odds I’ll never tell anybody I enjoyed this: Good

    Premieres April 6th, 2007
    Well, it definitely looks promising, but so did a certain other show that seemed mainly focused on animating the wind blowing through long wavy blonde hair. Lucky that the characters in sola have rather small chins. As long as this doesn’t turn into some girl showcasing shampoo commercial and sticks to a solid storyline with good pacing, I think this show may turn out to be a dark horse for one of the best anime of the season.
    Odds of me flaming this (multiple times): Good
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    Random Musings – The Calm Before The Storm

    I realize that most of my random musings entries these days aren’t really random musings, but rather news posts or quick thoughts on stuff. Regardless, I wrote this entry in one sitting off the top of my head, so consider this the first true “Random Musings” in a long time, and please forgive me if I ramble a little.

    Here’s a question that’s been on my mind recently: Have CODE GEASS and Kanon set the bar too high? GEASS’s biggest strength is that it has fantastic writing with plot twists and turns one after another that keep you guessing on what’s going to happen. Kanon’s visuals and emotional impact meanwhile are what I consider a new standard for that type of show, or even for all anime. Between those two, Thursdays for the past half year have been pretty incredible. I’m sad really that they’ve ended, at least for now.

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    CLANNAD – Announcement Commercial

    On the heels of today’s Kanon finale came the news that Kyoto Animation is going to be animating the Key game CLANNAD. Rumors had been circulating about this, but the website just went live and they aired an commercial for it. Given that I think KyoAni has done a fantastic job with both AIR and Kanon, I can’t wait to see this. Heck, this commercial already got the opening song Megumeru stuck in my head.
    The director is going to be Ishihara Tatsuya (who has done AIR, Kanon, and Suzumiya Haruhi) and the announced cast are Nakahara Mai as Nagisa Furukawa, Hirohashi Ryou as Fujibayashi Kyou, Kanda Akemi as Fujibayashi Ryou, Kuwashima Houko as Sakagami Tomoyo, Nonaka Ai as Ikubi Fuuko, and Noto Mamiko as Ichinose Kotomi.
    You can watch the commercial Stage6.

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    Random Musings – CODE GEASS News Overload Edition

  • There was a crapton of CODE GEASS news and spoilers that came out today courtesy of upcoming issues of Newtype and Animage, both of which feature the show on their covers. As you can see on the right, one of the big stories is that Newtype gave an official announcement that CODE GEASS was getting a sequel. Admittedly this was something that most of us had already treated as a forgone conclusion ever since December, but it’s good finally to see it in print. I’m gonna stay away from talking about all the spoilers, but if you really want to know, you can read about them here (a big kudos goes out to poster Celiss Galvea). However, I will say that I was very intrigued by the fact that Show Spoiler ▼

  • In other news, I’m getting really excited about the Spring 2007 season. I’ve started to compile a list of upcoming anime, and several have already caught my eye – Darker than Black, RomeoXJuliet, Shakugan no ShanaKaze no Stigma, Hitohira, Idolmaster XENOGLOSSIA, and the list goes on… There are also things like KOTOKO singing the opening to Hayate no Gotoku! and UVERworld singing the opening to Chikyuu he… that make me even more interested in those shows. In any case, the final list is going to be quite long, so please look forward to the full Spring 2007 preview, coming in a couple of weeks.
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