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Coinciding with the second to last episode of ALDNOAH.ZERO, I bring to you the ALDNOAH ARCHIVEZ.

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Introduction – “Just tell me where to sign.”

Greetings and salutations, gentle readers. I’m Passerby, your new writer here on Random Curiosity. That would make me the grotesque by-product of the recent recruitment drive, foretold in the prophecy. That’s all great, but as the fresh addition to the all-star cast you already have I’m apparently also going to have to moonlight as Lackey #1. Still, even as the redshirt, it’s hard to contain my excitement about this opportunity. Dearly did I wish to write for RandomC, and here I am. All it cost was my soul! What a bargain.

I am sure you are all wondering what manner of exotic beast that has been ensnared for your entertainment. Hard to say myself. I hail from a strange and alien land girt by many seas. Some call it Terra Incognita. Some call it Australia. If I accidentally use some extra vowels or dip into nonsensical slang please chalk it up to distractions from our deadly native fauna. My background is in law and politics (mea culpa) with an unflattering stint in drama. Otherwise I’m the complete geek package. I read fantasy, play games, turn to ash in the sun. And, of course, I watch anime. Which is, rightfully, the important part. That’s what you’re all here for, right? My qualifications? My nerd cred? Gotcha.

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New Writer Incoming!

“You should give them more time to submit applications. I don’t think we’ll get more than 10 applications anyway…” -Cherrie

“Try 70+.” -Stilts

I knew you guys were crazy, but I didn’t realize how crazy! Yes, it’s finally happening – a new contributor will be introducing themselves shortly. Sorry it took so long, but we got nearly double the applications we did last time, and it took a while to go through them all. We did it though, and came to our decision. The new writer has already been contacted, and has agreed to our ridiculous demands. “Make a contract with us and become a blogger!” /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

If you weren’t contacted, please don’t feel slighted. This was a really tough decision, and there were so many great candidates that I asked Divine to let me fire a few writers so we could bring in upgrades, but he told me I’d be the first one to go, so I scrapped that plan. (I’m just kidding…mostly.) We were also thinking of bringing on two writers, but then Divine made his triumphant return. Have you noticed that Divine is blogging again? We may also still reach out to another shortlisted applicant next season. We’ll see what the future holds.

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Anime Expo 2014

I can already feel the post-con depression kicking in.

This post will be stickied for a little. Don’t forget to check out the posts underneath!

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Anime Expo 2014 is Right Around the Corner!

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Calling All Prospective Bloggers!

We need one more to complete the set

Have you ever wanted to write for Random Curiosity? Here’s your chance.

Update 7/4: The application phase is now closed. Thank you for everyone who submitted an application. Our decision will be released in a few days.

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Fanime 2014

After an intense weekend at Fanime, we bring back to you our opinions and a ton of pictures. c
Because it turned into a gigantic wall of text, I decided to put each of our impressions inside spoiler tags. Make sure to open them to see the entire post!

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Fanime 2014 is Right Around the Corner!

Good evening everyone! Takaii here once again to shamelessly promote another convention that some writers here at RandomC are heading to!

More after the jump!

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Nobunaga the Fool & Golden Time

This is a post meant to address the problems arising with coverage of Golden Time, Nobunaga the Fool, and the general issues of why I dropped them. Here I admit what mistakes I made, the lessons I’ve learned, and moving forward.

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Anime Los Angeles 2014

After being spoiled with Anime-Expo for the past four years, I thought it would be cool to go check out some of the other conventions that were somewhat close to where I live. So after a spur of events that introduced Anime Los Angeles or ALA to me, I applied to get a press badge — and I actually got it. Review of the Con and tons more pictures after the break!

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The Best of Anime 2013

Now that 2013 is officially over, it’s time for our yearly foray into annoying everyone with our crappy opinions, the Best of Anime 2013 post! As with last year this post is a collaboration between the writers who watched the most series this year (and who didn’t say “Not it!” quickly enough), Zephyr and Stilts (that’s me!). We each watched upwards to…I don’t know, a lot of anime this past year, so while I can’t promise you we’ll be totally objective (such a thing is impossible), at least we’ll be well-informed about whatever we’re wrong about.

More after the jump.

Disclaimer: As always, disclaimers abound. Please keep in mind that “best” is subjective. What’s best for us isn’t necessarily best for you, and that’s okay. This list shouldn’t be taken as some kind of inviolable truth, but rather the opinions of two guys who watched a lot of anime and then argued about it for about eight hours until a list appeared. Naturally our choices will be influenced by our own tastes, experiences, and personal impressions. Before you go bashing one of our choices, please make sure you’ve at least seen it and know where we’re coming from. Finally, all we ask is that you respect our opinions, just like we respect yours. Thank you.

Disclaimer #2: The choices in this post are not necessarily reflective of the opinions of all Random Curiosity writers. They are solely the opinions of myself (Stilts) and Zephyr, save for where otherwise noted. Thank you for your understanding.

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Reader’s Choice – Best Anime 2013 Poll

The end of the year is here and it’s time for the Eighth Annual Reader’s Choice poll! Do you have a favorite series you’d like to see win? Are you just curious to see what everyone else enjoyed this year? Either way, the microphone’s in your hands now. Make your vote count.

As per the usual, there will be two polls for you to vote on this year – one for regularly broadcast TV series, and another for OVA/movies. We’re asking you for your top 5 picks in each poll, which should stop the results from being heavily skewed towards the mega-popular shows. This year we have an astounding 160~ TV series (shorts are included this year) and 120~ OVA/movies/specials for you to choose from, so make sure you look over the entire list before deciding. Keep in mind that like all entertainment, anime is subjective. There is no one size fits all here. Please respect the opinions of others, even if you may disagree vehemently with them.

More after the jump.

Note: The polls will close at midnight PST on Thursday, January 2nd. This means the morning of the 3rd, or 8:00 AM GMT on the 3rd. Results will be posted in the Best of Anime 2013 post, which will be written by myself and Stilts (the two active writers who have watched the most anime this year).

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Regarding Coppelion Coverage

It’s not everyday I do this, but…

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New York Comic Con – 2013

Four days sure pass by quickly! See within for some pics and some brief commentary.

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Anime Expo 2013

This year’s convention could be summed up with two words — Shingeki and Kirito.

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