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Outbreak Company – 12 (END)

「侵略者を撃て!」 (Shinryaku-sha o Ute!)
“Shoot the Invader!”

A finale full of assassination, arson, political intrigue, and one lowly otaku being more badass than he has any right.

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Outbreak Company – 11

「深く静かに陰謀せよ」 (Fukaku Shizuka ni Inbou Seyo)
“Plot Silent Plot Deep”

And so Shinichi is marked for death amid a round of applause.

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Outbreak Company – 10

「魔法少女ペトラルカ」 (Mahou Shoujo Petoraruka)
“Magical Girl Petrarca”


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Outbreak Company – 09

「水着の黙示録」 (Mizugi no Mokushiroku)
“The Swimsuit Apocalypse”

“At long last, the beach episode!” -Kanou Shinichi
“I agree!” -Stilts

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Outbreak Company – 08

「皇帝陛下の憂鬱」 (Koutei Heika no Yuutsu)
“The Melancholy of the Supreme Ruler”

A young ruler, her parents long murdered and the weight of an entire kingdom bearing down on her tiny shoulders, begins to buckle under the stress. And then comes Shinichi…

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Outbreak Company – 07

「メイド イン ジャパン」 (Meido in Japan)
“Maid in Japan”

When Shinichi and Myuseru take a trip to Japan all the old tropes are fresh and fun, because they’re done well and because I love these characters. This show is simply hilarious week after week!

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Outbreak Company – 06

「サッカー…サッカー?」 (Sakkaa… Sakkaa?)
“Soccer… Soccer?”

As anyone who’s been to a real futball match knows, it’s not all high-fives and shirtless bro hugs. It’s a warzone. Never before has this been more literal.

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Outbreak Company – 05

「やっぱり異世界」 (Yappari i Sekai)
“This Really Is Another World”

This show is bad for my health. The amount of hilarious hijinks coupled with heartwarming moments, hints at the growing plot and a harem lead who actually deserves his harem all combine into a perfect storm of hilarity and awesome!

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Outbreak Company – 04

「ケモノなスパイ」 (Kemonona Supai)
“Furry Spy”

Kanou Shinichi does it for the tail. The furry, furry tail.

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Outbreak Company – 03

「汝の名は侵略者」 (Nanji no na wa Shinryaku-sha)
“You are an Invader”

Invaders don’t always come howling in on horseback, and sometimes the most dangerous weapon of all are ideas.

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Outbreak Company – 02

「萌えるお世話係」 (Moeru Osewa-gakari)
“Moe Caretaker”

Racism, illiteracy, and servant abuse are just a few of the problems Shinichi has already encountered, with more quickly on the way.

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Outbreak Company – 01

「気が付けば異世界」 (Kigatsukeba i Sekai)
“Awakening in the Other Realm”

Fantasy fans need to watch this. Comedy fans need to watch this. Romance fans need to watch this. Fans of world building need to watch this. Fans of Hataraku Maou-sama! or Scrapped Princess need to watch this. Fans of good storytelling need to watch this. You need to watch this.

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