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Sakura Quest – 20

「聖夜のフェニックス」 (Seiya no Fenikkusu)
“The Phoenix in the Holy Night”

All ends with beginnings.

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Sakura Quest – 19

「霧のフォークロア」 (Kiri no Foukuroa)
“The Foggy Folklore”

No, I dadn’t!

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Sakura Quest – 18

「ミネルヴアの杯」 (Mineruvua no Sakazuki)
“Minerva’s Sake Saucer”

The chillest hostage situation that’s ever taken place.

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Sakura Quest – 17

「スフィンクスの戯れ」 (Sufinkusu no Tawamure)
“The Sphinx’s Antics”

Did you download butts again, jiji!?

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Sakura Quest – 16

「湖上のアルルカン」 (Kojou no Arurukan)
“The Harlequin on the Pond”

Who would’ve thought that Chitose was once the best girl?

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Sakura Quest – 15

「国王の帰還」 (Kokuou no Kikan)
“The Queen’s Return”

Team Sushi or Team Sukiyaki?

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Sakura Quest – 14

「国王の断罪」 (Kokuou no Danzai)
“The Queen, Convicted”

Not so fast, Yoshino! It looks like your summer is going to be a bummer!”

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Sakura Quest – 13

「マリオネットの饗宴」 (Marionetto no Kyouen)
“The Marionette’s Banquet”

“Your dreams are unclear. Yoshino, I think you need to take things a bit further. It would make me happier if everyone had some kind of ambition.”

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Sakura Quest – 12

「夜明けのギルド」 (Yoake no Girudo)
“The Dawn Guild”

Sakura Quest is a show about five strangers. Five women share a home, living together, and we observe how they interact with each other. All that we’ve prepared is a beautiful home and automobile. There is no script at all. [Midorikawa Kousuke is not present due to exams]

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Sakura Quest – 11

「忘却のレクイエム」 (Boukyaku no Rekuiemu)
“The Forgotten Requiem”

Riri the Hermit (Well, not anymore!) Dragon

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Sakura Quest – 10

「ドラゴンの逆鱗」 (Doragon no Gekirin)
“The Dragon’s Sore Spot”

Who cares about shipping in match-making parties? All aboard the S.S. Ririko!

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Sakura Quest – 09

「淑女の天秤」 (Shukujo no Tenbin)
“The Lady’s Scales”

France is well-known for having created the finest toast, fries, and crullers in the world. So many have traveled land and sea to master these French culinary masterpieces. That is, until they find out the one reason why this wouldn’t be possible…

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Sakura Quest – 08

「妖精のレシプ」 (Yousei no Reshipu)
“The Fairy’s Recipe”

The tourism department has come up with a new recipeh.

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Sakura Quest – 07

「煉獄の館」 (Rengoku no Yakata)
“The Mansion in Purgatory”

“I’d just like to say to all the other nominees in the audience, I don’t think that I deserve it anymore than the rest of you, I’d like to say that. I don’t think that it would be true, though.” – Ushimatsu Kadota

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Sakura Quest – 06

「田園のマスカレード」 (Den’en no Masukareedo)
“The Rural Masquerade”

Night creatures call and the jiji start to walk in their masquerade.

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