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Juuni Taisen – 02

「鶏鳴狗盗」 (Keimeikutou)
“Tricks Both Mongrel and Fowl”

Bird Up!

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「絶望のふちに立って」 (Zetsubou no fuchi ni tatte)
“Standing at the Edge of Despair”

Boot camp, the animation.

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Osomatsu-san S2 – 02

「祝・就職!!」 (Iwai Shuushoku!!)
“Celebrate! New Employment!!”

「超洗剤」 (Chou Senzai)
“Super Detergent”

Take your phone out, to record this, ain’t nobody can ignore this!

NSFW for Matsu-Nudes

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Houseki no Kuni – 01

「フォスフォフィライト」 (Fosufofiraito)

It’s hard to describe this as a hidden gem, when all the gems are in plain sight.

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Animegataris – 01

「ミノア、アニメルーキー!」 (Minoa, Anime Ruukii!)
“Minoa, Anime Rookie!”

So would this take place sometime around Owarimonogatari, or way after Zokuowarimonogatari?

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Himouto! Umaru-chan R – 01

「干物妹の帰還」 (Himouto no Kikan)
“The Himouto Returns”

Donning the hoodie for another round of greatness.

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Imouto sae Ireba Ii. – 01

「料理上手の弟と全裸の美少女と気の合う友達さえいればいい.」 (Ryouri Jouzu no Otouto to Zenra no Bishoujo to Ki no Au Tomodachi Sae Ireba Ii.)
“I Only Need a Little Brother Who Can Cook, a Beautiful Naked Girl, and Friends I Can Relate To.”

Well, that’s one way to start the show…

NSFW, part of an imbalanced breakfast!

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Code:Realize ~Sousei no Himegimi~ – 01

「ロンドン・スチーム」 (Rondon suchiimu)
“London Steam”

My fair lady~

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Dies Irae – 00


Seriously. Can someone help explain to me what’s going on?!?


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Two Car – 01

「Exhibition」 (Exhibition)

I’ve got two drivers, one for the gas and one for the turn.

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Hoozuki no Reitetsu 2nd Season – 01

「神代あの世革命/恨みつらみあってこそ」 (TKamishiro anoyo kakumei/Uramitsurami atte koso)
“The Revolution of the Age of the Age/The Heart is a Grudge Against You”

I’ll always make time for Hoozuki no Reitetsu.

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「理由あって、アイドル!」 (Riyuu a tte, aidoru!)
“There Are Reasons, Idols!”

A steady start with another trio as life at 315 Production gets moving.

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Blend S – 01

「はじめてのドS」 (Hajimete no Do S)
“First Time Sadistic”

Blend-S was everything I wanted — and then some.

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Netojuu no Susume – 01

「リアルは♀、ネットは♂」 (Rearu wa Onna, Netto wa Otoko)
“Female in Real Life, Male In-Game”

While I may have been wearing some slightly rose tinted-glasses while watching the episode, there wasn’t much I would have complained about. Except the pacing — the pacing is killing me.

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Kino no Tabi -the Beautiful World- the Animated Series – 01

「人を殺すことができる国」 (Hito o Korosu Koto ga Dekiru Kuni)
“A Country Where People Can Kill Others”

You’ll be delighted to know that the new Kino no Tabi is sure to please newcomers and fans alike!

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