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Steins;Gate – 24 (END)

「終わりと始まりのプロローグ」 (Owari to Hajimari no Purorōgu)
“Prologue to the End and Beginning”

Tuturu! Finale season is upon us, and it begins with one of the most highly anticipated endings in many a year as Steins;Gate finally concludes its epic journey through time. The obvious question on everyone’s mind – did it live up to the hype?

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Steins;Gate – 23

「境界面上のシュタインズゲート」 (Kyōkaimenjō no Shutainzu Gēto)
“Open the Steins Gate”

I’m going to go against character and make this post a brief one, which is fitting I think in that this penultimate episode was one that pretty much speaks for itself. And I’ll start with a confession – I finally caved and re-watched the first episode before I watched episode 23.

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Steins;Gate – 22

「存在了解のメルト」 (Sonzai Ryōkai no Meruto)
“Being Meltdown”

There should be something to please everyone in this week’s Steins;Gate. It’s a near-perfect blend of the hard-core character drama of last week and the plot-driven intensity that marked the end of Suzuha’s arc.

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Steins;Gate – 21

「因果律のメルト」 (Ingaritsu no Meruto)
“Paradox Meltdown”

Wow, that was really a heartbreaker. It might have been too slow for some tastes, but I wouldn’t change a second of it.

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Steins;Gate – 20

「怨嗟断絶のアポトーシス」 (Ensa Danzetsu no Apotōshisu)
“Disruption of Apoptosis”

I’m going to resist the urge for a general “I told you so” because I’m sure that by tomorrow, the combination of microanalysis and thoughtless spoilers will have found 20 things wrong in the next few paragraphs. But for now, it feels good to know that we’ve finally reached the point I’ve felt this series has been building towards.

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Steins;Gate – 19

「無限連鎖のアポトーシス」 (Mugenrensa no apotōshisu)
“Infinite Chain of Apoptosis”

A couple of words come to mind when considering this episodes of Steins;Gate. Intense, certainly. Dark, definitely. But the one that really captures it for me is “joyless”. And while it was probably a necessary evil at this stage in the story, that didn’t make it any easier to watch.

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Steins;Gate – 18

「自己相似のアンドロギュノス」 (Jiko sōji no andorogyunosu)
“Fractal Andogynous”

I think it’s pretty safe to assume most people are going to consider this a mediocre episode by Steins;Gate standards – as high as those are – but I’m going to disagree for a number of reasons. Maybe I’ve become so attached to this show that I’ve lost some of my critical edge, or maybe I’m biased because the Adorable Trap-Miko is back – but I thought this was yet another very strong effort.

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Steins;Gate – 17

「虚像歪曲のコンプレックス」 (Kyozō waikyoku no konpurekkusu)
“Complex Virtual Image Distortion”

I won’t pretend I know what’s going to happen next and I don’t mind that, as even the relatively unspectacular eps like this one are still entertaining and emotionally involving.

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Steins;Gate – 16

「犠牲壊死」 (Gisei Eshi Nekurōshisu)
“Sacrificial Necrosis”

The theorizing and postulating and guessing and spoiling is going to be gangbusters after this episode – it’ll happen in blog comments and forums and everywhere Steins:Gate is sold. I’m not going to ignore it by any means, but the main point I want to get across here is this – that was an absolutely fantastic and emotionally powerful episode.

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Steins;Gate – 15

「亡環上のネクローシス」 (Boukanjō no Nekurōshisu)
“Missing Link Necrosis”

Thank goodness, the humor is back in Steins;Gate, even if it’s been suitably scaled back to reflect the gravity of the situation. But I definitely know the way I’m going to introduce myself the next time I’m in Akihabara:

“Hello, I am mad scientist. So cool. Sonuvabitch!”

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Steins;Gate – 14

「形而下のネクローシス」 (Keijika no nekurōshisu)
“Physical Necrosis”

I’ve felt from the beginning is that this series has been exceptionally smart in the way it dishes out information. There’s always enough exposition every week to keep me from feeling completely at sea, but each bit of new information seems to raise two questions for every one it answers.

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Steins;Gate – 13

「形而上のネクローシス」 (Keijijō no Nekurōshisu)
“Metaphysical Necrosis”

Akemi Homura, eat your heart out.

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Steins;Gate – 12

「静止限界のドグマ」 (Seishi Genkai no Doguma)
“Dogma of the Static Limit”

The fabric of time mourns for the tragic loss to be experienced today.

If you’re still planning on watching this series, avoid this post and reading the recent comments on the sidebar for the next few days. Heavy spoilers ahoy.

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Steins;Gate – 11

「時空境界のドグマ」 (Jikū Kyōkai no Doguma)
“Dogma of Time and Space Boundaries”

Gentlemen, shit just got real (really this time).

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Steins;Gate – 10

「相生のホメオスタシス」 (Sōsei no Homeosutashisu)
“Homeostasis of Compliments”

Okabe is a pretty nice person, because you’d have to be if you’re going to let people join to help them with their problems by changing time.

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