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Sword Art Online – 13

「奈落の淵」 (Naraku no Fuchi)
“Edge of Hell’s Abyss”

This week we have an episode in two parts, the first a light-hearted glimpse into another unexplored part of the SAO system, the second a far more tense and action-packed boss battle with one of the toughest bosses to date.

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Sword Art Online – 12

「ユイの心」 (Yui no Kokoro)
“Yui’s Heart”

They say that opposites attract – that two people who are completely different are more likely to make a better pair than two people who are very similar. I guess it’s true in a sense, and the Asuna/Kirito pairing certainly seems to conform to this idea.

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Sword Art Online – 11

「朝露の少女」 (Asatsuyu no Shoujo)
“The Girl of the Morning Dew”

This week we follow Kirito and Asuna as they take a break from the chaos of frontline combat.

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Special Report – What If Sword Art Online Were Written Today?

Alright, I’m going in.

This week I’ve got a special treat for you all, the very first Stilts Out Loud: Special Report! While normally these posts are more of general editorials, which draw examples from multiple shows (and even from other genres) to talk about some theme or storytelling tactic, today we’re going to take a look at one anime in particular. This one will be about none other than the most watched show of this season, Sword Art Online.

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Sword Art Online – 10

「紅の殺意」 (Aka no Satsui)
“Crimson Killing Intent”

Let the duel begin!

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Sword Art Online – 09

「青眼の悪魔」 (Aome no Akuma)
“Blue-Eyed Demon”

I would hate to take part in a SAO boss battle.

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Sword Art Online – 08

「黒と白の剣舞」 (Kuro to Shiro no Kenbu)
“The Sword Dance of White and Black”

We’re kicking off the main storyline with a bang this week! Lots of pretty cool action and some adorable Asuna!

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Sword Art Online – 07

「心の温度」 (Kokoro no Ondo)
“The Temperature of the Heart”

Not all MMOs are focused entirely around combat. In fact, the majority usually have some form of crafting or profession system for those who prefer to play a supporting role away from the battlefield or as a reprieve from the constant battles. SAO is no exception to this.

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Sword Art Online – 06

「幻の復讐者」 (Maboroshi no Fukushuusha)
“The Phantom Avenger”

One of the things I really like about SAO is the systems. As a story built around an MMORPG, this is arguably one of the most important aspects – how various systems are introduced and explained.

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Sword Art Online – 05

「圏内事件」 (Kennai Jiken)
“A Crime Within the Walls”

If there’s one thing you don’t see very often in an MMO, it’s a murder mystery.

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Sword Art Online – 04

「黒の剣士」 (Kuro no Kenshi)
“The Black Swordsman”

So how about some loli fanservice?

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Sword Art Online – 03

「赤鼻のトナカイ」 (Akahana no Tonakai)
“The Red-Nosed Reindeer”

Rudolph, the red-nosed reindeer had a very shiny nose. Many things shone in this episode. Kirito’s nose was not one.

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Sword Art Online – 02

「ビーター」 (Bītā)

The spirit of co-operation is one of those glorious things that make an MMO such an incredible experience. Watching people come together, uniting under solid leadership, standing back to back, helping each other when they fall… it’s really something beautiful to behold.

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Sword Art Online – 01

「剣の世界」 (Ken no Sekai)
“The World of Swords”

Life within a fantasy video game world. I imagine it would have its ups and downs. I guess the threat of death is a pretty big downer though…

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