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Sword Art Online – 25 (END)

「世界の種子」 (Sekai no Shoushi)
“The World Seed”

I’m not really sure how to begin this post – it’s been a long ride and the finale is one that leaves me with some conflicted emotions.

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December 22, 2012 at 2:52 pm Comments (268)

Sword Art Online – 24

「鍍金(メッキ)の勇者」 (Mekki no Yuusha)
“The Gilded Hero”

I’ve taken two main things away from this episode.

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Sword Art Online – 23

「絆」 (Kizuna)

Alright, I’m going to say something extremely controversial this week.

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Sword Art Online – 22

「グランド・クエスト」 (Gurando Kuesuto)
“Grand Quest”

And here it is, the moment we’ve all known was coming ever since Leefa and Kirito’s very first meeting.

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Sword Art Online – 21

「アルヴヘイムの真実」 (Aruvuheimu no Shinjitsu)
“The Truth of ALfheim”

This week’s sudden break in immersion, brought to us by an automated system maintenance warning, brought to mind something I hadn’t really thought about until now.

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Sword Art Online – 20

「猛炎の将」 (Mou Honoo no Shou)
“General of the Blazing Flame”

I’ve been wondering this for a while, and I know others have too.

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Sword Art Online – 19

「ルグルー回廊」 (Rugurū Kairou)
“The Lugru Corridor”

I think the aspect of this arc I most enjoy is watching Leafa take every opportunity she can to poke fun at and belittle Kirito.

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Sword Art Online – 18

「世界樹へ」 (Sekaiju e)
“To the World Tree”

It’s always interesting to have some light shed upon the motives of characters who aren’t one-dimensional antagonists.

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Sword Art Online – 17

「囚われの女王」 (Toraware no Joou)
“Captive Queen”

For the longest time, Sword Art Online has been lacking something that’s almost crucial in the top tier of anime.

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Sword Art Online – 16

「妖精たちの国」 (Youseitachi no Kuni)
“Land of the Fairies”

With episode sixteen of Sword Art Online we finally return to some of the aspects that the series excels at.

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Sword Art Online – 15

「帰還」 (Kikan)

Subtlety is perhaps not Kawahara Reki’s strong suit.

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Sword Art Online – 14

「世界の終焉」 (Sekai no Shuuen)
“The End of the World”

I have to say, in fairness to A-1, they handled this episode pretty well.

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Sword Art Online – 13

「奈落の淵」 (Naraku no Fuchi)
“Edge of Hell’s Abyss”

This week we have an episode in two parts, the first a light-hearted glimpse into another unexplored part of the SAO system, the second a far more tense and action-packed boss battle with one of the toughest bosses to date.

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Sword Art Online – 12

「ユイの心」 (Yui no Kokoro)
“Yui’s Heart”

They say that opposites attract – that two people who are completely different are more likely to make a better pair than two people who are very similar. I guess it’s true in a sense, and the Asuna/Kirito pairing certainly seems to conform to this idea.

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Sword Art Online – 11

「朝露の少女」 (Asatsuyu no Shoujo)
“The Girl of the Morning Dew”

This week we follow Kirito and Asuna as they take a break from the chaos of frontline combat.

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