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Kekkai Sensen – 02

「幻のゴーストワゴンを追え 」 (Maboroshi no gosuto wagon wo oe)
“Pursue the Phantom Ghost Wagon”

Turns out BONES + Matsumoto + Nightow = coolest thing since the other side of the pillow.

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High School DxD BorN – 02

「若手悪魔、集合です!」 (Wakate Akuma, Shuugoudesu!)
“Young Devils Gather”

Training time comes and goes, flanked by flirty fun, and leading into the Koneko-chan focus we’ve all been waiting for.

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Plastic Memories – 02

「足を引っ張りたくないので」 (Ashi o Hipparitakunai node)
“Don’t Wanna Cause Trouble”

Plastic Memories is essentially less about robots and more about death. Death, and office politics.

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Sidonia no Kishi: Daikyuu Wakusei Seneki – 01

「葛藤」 (Katto)

Rejoice, humanity! For the Knights of Sidonia have returned to protect us from the alien scourge that foul our universe.

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Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works – 14

「コルキスの王女」 (Korukisu no Oujo)
“Princess of Colchis”

Just because you’re tragic doesn’t mean you’re not evil.

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Etotama – 01

「猫娘揚々」 (Nekomusume Yōyō)
“The Exuberant Cat Girl”

The growth of 3DCGI in anime is a heated topic in discussions. Etotama consequently makes for a good opportunity to discuss these points.

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Shokugeki no Souma – 02

「神の舌」 (Kami no Shita)
“God’s Tongue”

Nakiri Erina makes her debut this week having what’s known as “God’s Tongue”.

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Kuroko no Basuke 3 – 14

「。。。ワリィ」 (…Warii)
“… Sorry”

Everything went from super cheery to absolutely frustrating in a matter of a few minutes.

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Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha ViVid – 02

「アインハルト・ストラトス」 (Ainharuto Sutoratosu)
“Einhart Stratos”

The more things change, the more they stay the same. The new generation is the last generation with a Belkan skin.

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Owari no Seraph – 02

「破滅後のニンゲン」 (Hametsu-go no Ningen)
“Humanity After the Fall”

I, like many others, was very worried after last week’s premiere. We got a fantastic first episode set in an underworld city ruled by Vampires, only to return to high school in this episode. It looked bad, but let me tell you, it was just as good as last week, if not better.

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Nisekoi: – 01

「コレカラ/キヅイテ」 (Korekara / Kidzuite)
“From Now On / Please Notice”

Nisekoi is back, and this time its sticking to the ‘Girl of the Week’ format.

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Punch Line – 01

「パンツパニック」 (Pantsupanikku)
“Panties Panic”

Goofy, ecchi, silly, quirky, and without a lick of sense in sight, Punch Line is either the triumphant return of old school GAINAX-style anime (of the FLCL vintage), or an incomprehensible mess. Or both.

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Houkago no Pleiades – 01

「流星予報:雨時々流れ星」 (Ryuusei Yohou: Ame Tokidoki Nagareboshi)
“Meteor Shower Forecast: Rain with Occasional Shooting Stars”

For those of you that have been following RC for a while now (or just long-time viewers of anime in general), you’ll remember an ONA that aired years ago by the same name.

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Bleach 623 – The Sternritter Alliance

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Danna ga Nani wo Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken 2 Sure-me – 02

「スナイプベター」 (Sunaipu Betaa (9.5))
“Snipe Better”

Jumping straight into the more serious side of things, this second episode wastes no time in getting straight into the topic at hand — compatibility.

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