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「石を擲つ人々」 (Ishi wo Nageutsu Hitobito)
“Those Who Cast Stones”

Hands down, there’s no one else that makes me feel as uncomfortable as Kamui does.

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Hitsugi no Chaika Avenging Battle – 06

「狂気の城」 (Kyouki no Shiro)
“The Castle of Madness”

There’s something rotten in the Principality of Hartgen, and it’s everything. The antagonists are compounding.

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Akatsuki no Yona – 06

「紅い髪」 (Akai Kami)
“Red Hair”

That was some fantastic action animation.

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Pacific Media Expo 2014

Another day, another con.

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Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu – 06

「日はまた昇る」 (Hi wa Mata Noboru)
“The Sun Also Rises”

Shot through the heart, and your mother’s to blame. I suppose parasites certainly do give love a bad name.

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Trinity Seven – 06

「悪の魔道士(ダークメイジ)と学園襲撃(ビッグイベント)」 (Aku no Madou-shi (Daakumeiji) to Gakuen Shuugeki (Bigguibento))
“Dark Mage and Big Event”

This week it’s everyone but Arata who is powerful, except for with the ladies. When it comes to being impure, Arata is still number one.

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Sword Art Online II – 18

「森の家」 (Mori no Ie)
“House In the Woods”

While I feel like it’s a huge copout that the show is using the same opening sequence for this next arc, I must admit that returning back to Aincrad felt a lot better than I thought it would.

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Log Horizon 2 – 06

「夜明けの迷い子」 (Yoake no Mayoigo)
“A Lost Child at Dawn”

The episode started out slow and obtuse, only to hit us with one of the most touching moments and two of the most stunning revelations of the season.

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Akame ga Kill – 19

「因縁を斬る」 (Innen wo Kiru)
“Kill the Fate”

I feel so satisfied with the results of this week’s episode. Pretty much everything that I expected to happen – happened.

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Grisaia no Kajitsu – 06

「レーゾン・デートル」 (Rēzon Dētoru)
“Raison D’être”

Alas, poor Sakaki, I hardly knew thee.

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Fate/stay night Unlimited Blade Works – 05

「放課後に踊る」 (Houkago ni Odoru)
“After School Dance”

Boy was that an awesome episode to get the month of November rolling.

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Mushishi Zoku Shou – 14

「隠り江」 (Komori e)
“Secluded Cove”

Not every episode of Mushishi can be heart-wrenching drama, but they can still be beautiful.

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World Trigger – 05

「実力派エリート・迅悠一」(Jitsuryoku ha Erito・Jin Yuuichi)
“Power Elite・Jin Yuuichi”

This felt like the World Trigger that I love so much. I think I’d have to put that down to two things. One is us meeting the top dogs of the Border agency, and the other is that we’re finally moving into the direction that the series will take from here on out.

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Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen – 18

「訣別」 (Ketsubetsu)

Well it looks like the writers decide to do a bait-and-switch, as the “NR” in “NR Syndrome” stands for “Nanjou Reika” after all.

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「禁じられない遊び」 (Kinjirarenai Asobi)
“Unforbidden Games”

After last week’s episode, I wasn’t sure how to react to PSYCHO-PASS 2.

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