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Hunter X Hunter 2011 – 144

「(ケッサイ × ト × カッサイ」 (Kessai × to × Kassai)
“Approval × And × Coalition”

And then there were four…

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Hanayamata – 08

「ミッション.イベント」 (Misshon Ibento)
“Mission Event”

That Hawaiian trip should’ve been the first red flag that something wrong was going to happen.

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Akame ga Kill – 08

「三匹を斬る -後編-」 (Sanbiki wo Kiru -Kouhen-)
“Kill the Three -Part Two-”

Even though I know it’s coming, the events of this week’s episode still leaves me speechless.

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – 08

「学園の王子様(女子)の悩み」 (Gakuen no Ouji-sama (Joshi) no Nayami)
“The Prince (Girl) of the School’s Problems”

This is exquisitely excruciating. Just make Kashima x Hori official already!

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Haikyuu!! – 21

「先輩の実力」 (Senpai no Jitsuryoku)
“A Senior’s True Strength”

It’s Sugawara’s time to shine! We see the former starting setter play in a match for the first time and bestow his experience on the first-years, which proved to not only be a highlight for his character, but a pivotal turning point for Kageyama–the genius who picks up techniques from others at an inhuman rate.

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Sword Art Online II – 08

「バレット・オブ・バレッツ」 (Baretto Obu Burettsu)
“Bullet of Bullets”

After a couple episodes of setting the stage, this week’s episode finally kicks things off with a huge boom.

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Barakamon – 08

「オンデ / 念仏踊り」 (Onde / Nenbutsu Odori)
“Buddhist Prayer Dance”

Again, this week’s episode managed to bring out all the feels.

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「鳥を見た日 -Then and Now-」 (Tori o Mi Ta Hi -Then and Now-)
“Day of Bird’s Sighting -Then and Now-”

Remember – you can’t misspell “slain” with an extra “e” without “Slaine”.

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Mushishi Zoku Shou: Tokubetsu-hen – Toge no Michi

「とげ の道 」 (Toge no Michi)
“Road of Thorns”

I knew “Road of Thorns” was going to pack quite the emotional punch, but the anime adaptation certainly didn’t disappoint.

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Tokyo ESP – 07

「雨の中の少女達」 (Ame no Naka no Shoujo-tachi)
“Girls in the Rain”

A more focused episode makes for a better episode as Ayumu comes into the fold…and the whole anti-esper sentiment finally hits emotionally.

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「コレッテモシカシテ」 (Korette Moshikashite)
“Is This By Any Chance”

I look forward to seeing some proper closure to this romance, something sorely lacking in the romantic comedy genre.

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Persona 4 The Golden ANIMATION – 07

「It’s cliché, but so what?」

Woah, fights! Action! Introspection! It’s like we’re watching a Persona anime or something.

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Tokyo Ghoul – 08

「円環」 (Enkan)

That was an interesting mix of the expected and the unexpected.

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Zankyou no Terror – 07


If we ever look back and try to look for a point where the views on this show diverged, I’d say this would be it.

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Glasslip – 08

「雪」 (Yuki)

After last week’s train wreck, I thought this week’s episode did a little better. While I’m still a little confused about what direction the show is trying to go in, P.A. Works did a great job at illustrating a world that’s literally falling apart at the seams.

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