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Masamune-kun no Revenge – 12 (END)

「死んでもマイクを手放すな」 (Shindemo maiku o tebanasu na)
“Don’t Let Go of the Mic, Even if You Die”

Masamune’s problem can be summed up in three words: never following through.

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Kobayashi-san Chi no Maid Dragon – 11

「年末年始!(コミケネタありません)」 (Nenmatsunenshi! (Comikeneta Arimasen))
“Year End, New Year! (No Comiket Bit This Time)”

As much as I liked this week’s episode, I’m actually super hyped for next week’s. But if anything, this week’s episode setup everything for next week.

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ACCA: 13-ku Kansatsu-ka – 11

「フラワウの花は悪意の香り」 (Furawau no Hana wa Akui no Kaori)
“Furawau’s Flowers Smell of Malice”

No, I don’t think he’s alright.

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Little Witch Academia – 11

「ブルームーン」 (Burū Mūn)
“Blue Moon”

‘Those dreams that pass through the gate of sawn ivory deceive men, bringing words that find no fulfilment.’

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Tales of Zestiria the X – 23

「風になる」 (Kaze ni naru)
“Be like the Wind”

Would you look at that, Dezel does have eyes!

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3-gatsu no Lion – 22 (END)

「Chapter.45 新学期 / ファイター」 (Chapter.45 Shin Gakki / Faitaa)
“Chapter.45 New Semester / Fighter”

Was I the only one who didn’t realize this was the last episode until Rei thanked us at the very end?

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Demi-chan wa Kataritai – 11

「亜人ちゃんは支えたい」 (Demichan wa Sasaetai)
“Demi-chan Wants To Support”

This episode was absolutely amazing. I’ve been thinking we needed a bit of a paradigm shift and this episode was exactly that. I’ll catch you after the break after I finish wiping my face.

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Seiren – 11

「桃乃今日子 第3章 カクセイ」 (Touno Kyouko dai 3-shou – Kakusei)
“Touno Kyoko Chapter 3 – Awakening”

Damn this was stupid, and problematic to boot.

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Youjo Senki – 10

「勝利への道」 (Shouri he no michi)
“Path to Victory”

After the victory celebrations we shall all ascend to Valhalla. Nothing can possibly go wrong,

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Fuuka – 11

「バンド」 (Banndo)

What in the world just happened? In the span of 20 odd minutes we saw the show head go down an irreversible path and then turn around..?

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Ao no Exorcist: Kyoto Fujouou-Hen – 11

「光輝燦然」 (こうきさんぜん)
“Shine Bright As The Sun”

I have one word to describe this week’s episode — yasssssssssss.

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Shouwa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu: Sukeroku Futatabi-hen – 11


There was a man named Yuurakutei Yakumo, and he lived. This was his story.

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Kono Subarashii Sekai ni Shukufuku Wo! 2 – 10 (END)

「この素晴らしい仲間たちに祝福を!」 (Kono Subarashii Nakama-tachi ni Shukufuku o!)
“God’s Blessing on This Wonderful Party!”

KonoSuba 2 ends with a bang, and so much sakuga.

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Kuzu no Honkai – 10

「カラノワレモノ」 (Kara no Waremono)
“Fragile and Empty”

As Akane proves, it’s hard changing your ways when you’ve only ever known one path.

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Masamune-kun no Revenge – 11

「八坂祭の白雪姫」 (Yasaka sai no shirayukihime)
“Snow White of the Yasaka Festival”

A loli mom a day keeps the doctor away.

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