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Akame ga Kill – 07

「三匹を斬る -前編-」 (Sanbiki o Kiru -Zenpen-)
“Kill the Three -Part One-”

After last week… I don’t think my heart can take it anymore.

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Sword Art Online II – 07

「Kurenai no Kioku」 (Kurenai no Kioku)
“Crimson Memories”

After a few weeks of almost nonstop action, it would make sense that we would get an episode to slow the tempo down a bit to build up some different types of tension.

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Sailor Moon Crystal – 04

「Masquerade 仮面舞踏会」 (Masquerade Kamen Budoukai)
“-Masquerade- Dance Party”

I feel bad for always expecting the worse out of Sailor Moon Crystal but sometimes it works out in the end because when the episode is not so terrible, I’m pleasantly surprised.

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RandomC Podcast #06 – A New Hope

Picture may not be indicative of podcast. You decide.

A new podcast brings a brand new podcast virgin to put through the paces. I promise it’s not as weird as I make it sound. (It’s weirder.)

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Barakamon – 07

「ひさんいを / 高級な魚」 (Hisan-Iwo / Koukyouna Sakana)
“A High-Grade Fish”

There have been a lot of great episodes of Barakamon, but this one definitely took its rightful spot as one of the best.

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – 07

「マンガ家脳野崎くん」 (Manga-ka nou Nozaki-kun)
“The Manga Artist’s Brain, Nozaki-kun”

The romcom elements return as Nozaki-kun and Chiyo go on a date. Pffft, who am I kidding, it’s still all comedy here!

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「邂逅の二人 -The Boys of Earth-」 (Kaiko no Ni Nin -The Boys of Earth-)
“Encounter of Two -The Boys of Earth-”

Could we be headed for another “Han or Greedo” controversy?

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「ナンノシレンデスカ」 (Nanno Shiren Desu ka)
“What Kind of Test Is This?”

48 hours without sleep is dangerous kids! Don’t pull it off at home (or work).

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Tokyo ESP – 06

「それぞれの少女、それぞれの思い」 (Sorezore no Shoujo, Sorezore no Omoi)
“Each Girl, Each Desire”

It’s a training episode, but the small things still aren’t there.

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Glasslip – 07

「自転車」 (Jitensha)

This week’s episode felt like someone with schizophrenia got a hold of the reigns and decided to drive the damn thing off of a cliff.

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Tokyo Ghoul – 07

「幽囚」 (Yuushuu)

Is Tokyo Ghoul beginning to develop a reverse Star Trek syndrome?

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Persona 4 The Golden ANIMATION – 06

「See? I told you Yu.」

In the dating sim that is Persona 4, Narukami Yu diligently makes obento for…Adachi.

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Zankyou no Terror – 06


They’re sure treating life like it’s one big game.

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Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen – 07

「陸繋島 (ベルハルス)」 (Beruharusu)

For an episode that will probably only be remembered for its orgasmic spa experiences, there was surprisingly a fair bit of foreshadowing. In addition, we finally see the face of Tokimune’s sister–Nanjou Reika (Hikasa Youko).

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Fate kaleid liner Prisma Illya Zwei! – 06

「嘘と強がりの向こう側」 (Uso to Tsuyo Gari no Mukou-gawa)
“On the Other Side of Lies and Façade”

The climax of the Kuro arc is here, as Iri-mama arrives to clear everything up.

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