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Hanayamata – 06

「トライ・トライ・トライ」 (Torai Torai Torai)
“Try Try Try”

The most yosakoi dancing we got was in an episode about school finals. What a twist!

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Cross†Channel Visual Novel – Retrospective

“This is the Gunjou Institute Broadcasting Club. Is anyone alive out there?”

**This retrospective is SPOILER FREE.

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Haikyuu!! – 19

「指揮者」 (Shikisha)

It’s the battle of the setters! Kageyama vs. Oikawa! Prodigy vs. Experience. Whose team will come out on top?

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Akame ga Kill – 06

「絶対正義を斬る」 (Zettai Seigi wo Kiru)
“Kill the Absolute Justice”

Wow… Even though I was expecting it for quite some time now, you never know how hard it’s going to hit you until it comes.

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Sword Art Online II – 06

「曠野の決闘」 (Kouya no Kettou)
“Duel In The Wastelands”

I’ll be honest, until the end of this week’s episode I just wasn’t feeling the SAO-vibe I was looking for from the first season. Luckily, a weird combination of things came together and reignited my passion for the show. Yes, I kind of understand why everyone loves Sinon so much now.

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – 06

「魔法をかけて、あ・げ・る♡」 (Mahouwokakete, Ageru ♡)
“I’ll Cast a Spell on You”

Yuzuki is the cause of, and solution to, all of Wakamatsu’s problems. Poor guy!

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Barakamon – 06

「よそんもん / 東京から来た奴ら」 (Yosonmon / Toukyokarakita Yasura)
“Guys from Tokyo”

This week’s episode was a complete bundle of joy. From start to finish there was never a dull moment to be found.

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「記憶の島 -Steel Step Suite-」 (Kioku no Shima -Steel Step Suite-)
“Island of Memory -Steel Step Suite-”

Way to sink your own ship there, Inaho – though fortunately not literally.

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Little Busters EX – 06 (OVA)

「誰かが願った小さな世界」 (Dareka ga Negatta Chiisa na Sekai)
“The Small World That Someone Wished For”

I don’t think there’s any question Sasasegawa Sasami’s arc is one of the simpler and more straightforward in the Little Busters anime repertoire.

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Tokyo ESP – 05

「出会い、幻と少女」 (Deai, Maboroshi to Shoujo)
“Meeting, Phantom and Girl”

The espers attack, because they’re a new race that’s superior to humans, so they must rule ov–and you know where this is going.

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Persona 4 The Golden ANIMATION – 05

「Let’s go get it! Get Pumped!」

Showbiz is hard, kids. Stay in school.

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Tokyo Ghoul – 06

「驟雨」 (Shuu)

Whatever else one might say about Tokyo Ghoul, you can’t argue that it doesn’t keep itself busy.

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「チョットダケナラ」 (Chotto Dake Nara)
“Just a Little”

Time for seconds?

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Zankyou no Terror – 05


Talk about a packed fifth episode.

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Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen – 06

「走れ、ジェイミー!」 (Hashire, Jeimii!)
“Run, Jamie!”

While Argevollen still fails to depict the gravity of war–largely because Samonji manages to keep all his subordinates alive somehow–it did make some positive strides this episode. Surprisingly, the most notable stride was the jump in animation quality.

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