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Sakura Quest – 19

「霧のフォークロア」 (Kiri no Foukuroa)
“The Foggy Folklore”

No, I dadn’t!

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Hajimete no Gal – 05

「はじめてのパギャル」 (Hajimete no Pagyaru)
“My First Half-Assed Gal”

I wouldn’t say “Half”…

Not Safe for Work because of the other half!!!

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Tsurezure Children – 06

「俺達に女はいらない」 (Oretachi ni Onna wa Iranai)
“We Don’t Need Women”

Another week, another wave of emotions.

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Isekai Shokudou – 06

「サンドウィッチ/じゃがバター」(Sandowicchi/Jaga Bata)
“Sandwiches/Steamed Potato With Butter”

Who knew that unassuming food items could wind up being so damn wholesome?

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August 8, 2017 at 8:35 pm Comments (35)

Aho Girl – 06

「暑い夏だ! アホガール」 (Atsui Natsu Da! Aho Girl)
“A Hot Summer! Aho Girl”

Yoshiko’s crawpova ’17 outfit is looking fine!
Could be NSFW for Hot Springs

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Knight’s & Magic – 06

Trial & Error

A new mecha with two seats? Really takes me back to the Nirvash Type Zero!

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Koi to Uso – 06

「恋を強いる檻」 (Koi o Shiiru Ori)
“A Prison to Compel Love”

Ririna might be an open book, but at least she has a talented tongue.

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Fate/Apocrypha – 06

「叛逆の騎士」 (Hangyaku no Kishi)
“Knight of Rebellion”

After weeks of being rather negative toward Apocrypha, this week’s episode finally did it for me.

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Princess Principal – 05

「Case 7 Bullet & Blade’s Ballad」

Pain, pain, go away.

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Centaur no Nayami – 05

「南極人って噂が一人歩きしてるみたい. / でも, 結局, 南極人って歴史もルーツも謎だよね.」 (Nankyokujintte Uwasa ga Hitori Aruki Shiteru Mitai. / Demo, Kekkyoku, Nankyokujintte Rekishi mo Roots mo Nazo Da yo ne.)
“Antarcticans Are Like Walking Rumors. / But in the End, the Antarcticans` History and Roots Are a Mystery, Too.”

Would Snakes on a Plane be this universe’s The Birth of a Nation?

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Hina Loji ~from Luck & Logic~ – 07

「会長も木から落ちる/踊るヒナに見る会長」 (Kaichou mo ki kara ochiru/Odoru hina ni miru kaichou)
“Even Presidents Fall From Trees/You’re a Hina if You Dance, And a President if You Just Look On”

If even Presidents fall from trees, I suspect many people will be wondering if Donald Trump has trees on his private golf course.

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Boku no Hero Academia – 31

「「ヒーロー殺しステイン」その余波」 (Hiirou-Goroshi Sutein Sono Yoha)
“The Aftermath of Hero Killer: Stain”

Vile ideologies can spread like wildfire, and do irreperable damage. That also happens in this fictional story.

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Made in Abyss – 05

「火葬砲」 (Kasouhou)

Humans must have at some point tried marching in force to conquer the Abyss. I guess they were all killed.

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Gamers! – 04

「天道花憐とスランプ・デイズ」 (Tendou Karen to Suranpu Deizu)
“Tendou Karen and Slump Days”

Amano-kun isn’t just on Tendou Karen’s mind. He’s taken up residence and built a 24-room estate front in center in everything she does. This girl has a sickness, and its name is Amano-kun.

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Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e – 04

「他人が真実を隠蔽することに対して、我々は怒るべきでない。なぜなら、我々も自身から真実を隠蔽するのであるから。」 (Tanin ga shinjitsu wo inpei suru koto ni taishite, wareware wa okorubekidenai. Nazenara, wareware mo jibun kara shinjitsu wo kakusu koto no arukara.)
“We Should Not be Upset that Others Hide the Truth from Us, When We Hide it from Ourselves.”

While I’m not largely attached to any of the characters so far, it does pain me to see Sudo being bullied.

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