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Shirogane no Ishi Argevollen – 03

「ワンマン・アーミー」 (Wan Man Aamii)
“One Man Army”

Three episodes in and Argevollen doesn’t show any indication of picking up the pace just yet.

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Glasslip – 03

「ポリタンク」 (Poritanku)
“Plastic Container”

I’m a firm believer in giving any show at least three episodes before making any assumptions and I’m glad I believed in Glasslip. Compared to the first two episodes, the third was a wonderful blend of romance, slice-of-life giggles, and just the right amount of looking into the future.

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Zankyou no Terror – 02


Every action has a consequence. There’s no going back now.

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Fate/kaleid liner Prisma Illya Zwei! – 02

「イリヤ×イリヤ」 (Iriya × Iriya)
“Illya x Illya”

Kuro Illya is on the offensive as she attacks her onee-chan. What a fight, what a second fight, and what a kiss. DAMN!

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「キミニアエタカラ」 (Kimi ni Aetakara)
“Because I Was Able To Meet You”


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Naruto 685 – Through Dimensions

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Introduction – “Just tell me where to sign.”

Greetings and salutations, gentle readers. I’m Passerby, your new writer here on Random Curiosity. That would make me the grotesque by-product of the recent recruitment drive, foretold in the prophecy. That’s all great, but as the fresh addition to the all-star cast you already have I’m apparently also going to have to moonlight as Lackey #1. Still, even as the redshirt, it’s hard to contain my excitement about this opportunity. Dearly did I wish to write for RandomC, and here I am. All it costed was my soul! What a bargain.

I am sure you are all wondering what manner of exotic beast that has been ensnared for your entertainment. Hard to say myself. I hail from a strange and alien land girt by many seas. Some call it Terra Incognita. Some call it Australia. If I accidentally use some extra vowels or dip into nonsensical slang please chalk it up to distractions from our deadly native fauna. My background is in law and politics (mea culpa) with an unflattering stint in drama. Otherwise I’m the complete geek package. I read fantasy, play games, turn to ash in the sun. And, of course, I watch anime. Which is, rightfully, the important part. That’s what you’re all here for, right? My qualifications? My nerd cred? Gotcha.

More after the jump.

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Hanayamata – 02

「ジェラシー・ローズ」 (Jerashii Rouzu)
“Jealousy Rose”

“So this is what tsundere is like!”

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Hunter X Hunter 2011 – 138

「オネダリ×ト×オネガイ」 (Onedari x to x Onegai)
“Scrounge x and x Wish”

There’s no such thing as a trivial detail in Toghashi Yoshihiro’s world.

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New Writer Incoming!

“You should give them more time to submit applications. I don’t think we’ll get more than 10 applications anyway…” -Cherrie

“Try 70+.” -Stilts

I knew you guys were crazy, but I didn’t realize how crazy! Yes, it’s finally happening – a new contributor will be introducing themselves shortly. Sorry it took so long, but we got nearly double the applications we did last time, and it took a while to go through them all. We did it though, and came to our decision. The new writer has already been contacted, and has agreed to our ridiculous demands. “Make a contract with us and become a blogger!” /人◕ ‿‿ ◕人\

If you weren’t contacted, please don’t feel slighted. This was a really tough decision, and there were so many great candidates that I asked Divine to let me fire a few writers so we could bring in upgrades, but he told me I’d be the first one to go, so I scrapped that plan. (I’m just kidding…mostly.) We were also thinking of bringing on two writers, but then Divine made his triumphant return. Have you noticed that Divine is blogging again? We may also still reach out to another shortlisted applicant next season. We’ll see what the future holds.

More after the jump.

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Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance – 01

「剣と学院と火猫少女」 (Ken to Gakuin to Hineko Shoujo)
“The Sword, the School, and the Fire Cat-Girl”

Is it action? Is it ecchi? Is it harem? A little of all three. It has the potential to be one of the better action-fantasy harem series, and the first episode has neither confirmed nor destroyed said potential.

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Akame ga Kill – 02

「権力を斬る」 (Kenryoku wo Kiru)
“Kill the Authority”

Welcome to the Night Raid! If you don’t join us… we will kill you…

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Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-kun – 02

「新(ニュー)ヒロインをよろしくね♪」 (Shin (Nyuu) Hiroin o Yoroshiku ne ♪)
“Say Hello to the New Heroine”

Mikorin is the true heroine, and Yuzuki is not shoujo manga-like at all – but they’re both laugh out loud funny, and that’s what I like to see!

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Rokujouma no Shinryakusha!? – 01

「侵略開始!?」 (Shinryaku Kaishi!?)
“The Invasion Starts!?”

Silver Link is back with another wacky comedy adaption! Today’s topic: smashing the universes of Ika Musume and Haruhi into one apartment room.

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Haikyuu!! – 15

「復活」 (Fukkatsu)

It’s always easy to get fired up about an underdog team that enters a tournament and surprises everyone with how much they’ve improved, but Haikyuu seems to go about that in the perfect way, striking all the right “teenage youth” chords within me.

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