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Rokka no Yuusha – 03

「六花殺しの少女」 (Rokka-Goroshi no Shoujo)
“The Girl Who Kills Braves”

Three episodes in, and they’re already trying to kill each other?

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Classroom Crisis – 03

「経理部から来た女」 (Keiri-bu kara Ki ta Onna)
“The Woman Came from the Accounting Department”

Three episodes in, it’s time for an assessment.

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Gakkou Gurashi! – 02

「おもいで」 (Omoide)

Before you ask anything else – yes they updated the opening sequence ever so slightly to reflect what’s going on. THAT’S DEDICATION I TELL YOU WHAT.

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After the first episode focused on Alex, and the second on Nicolas, it only made sense to have this one shed some light on Worick.

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Ore Monogatari!! – 15

「俺の彼女」 (Ore no Kanojo)

“My Girlfriend”

OK, this is a turn I didn’t see coming.

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Gundam: The Origin – 01

「初めての旅」 (Aoi Hitomi no Kyasubaru)
“Blue-Eyed Casval”

A Gundam prequel with the perfect balance of familial and political drama – what more could we ask for?

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Akagami no Shirayukihime – 02

「辿るは胸の鳴るほうへ」 (Tadoru wa mune no naru hou e)
“Following the Sound of Your Heart”

What sets Shirayuki apart from all other heroines, isn’t just the fact that she has red hair …

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Bleach 635 – Battles Commence

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Sore ga Seiyuu! – 02

「オーディション」 (Ōdishon)

It’s so like Japan to make their young hopefuls wrestle with so many levels of management. Stardom is a bureaucratic process.

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Non Non Biyori Repeat – 02

「星を見に行った」 (Hoshi wo Miniitta)
“We Went to Look at the Stars”

While this might be a “repeat” for the show, it’s far from just rehashing old scenes.

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God Eater – 01

「空木レンカ」 (Utsugi Renka)
“Utsugi Renka”

It doesn’t break the typical end of the world mold, but the action makes it an interesting watch nonetheless.

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Arslan Senki – 14

「異国の王子」 (Ikoku no Ouji)
“The Foreign Prince”

Ignore the principles of war at your own peril. Assume you know what Arslan’s group will do at your misfortune. But most of all, try to out-drink Farangis at your doom. Poor one out for Gieve, gents.

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WORKING!!! – 02

「愛の嵐!」 (Ai no Arashi!)
“The Wind of Love!?”

I was practically Souma in this episode, praying that Satou and Yachiyo would finally go on a date with each other!

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Charlotte – 02

「絶望の旋律」 (Zetsubou no Senritsu)
“Melody of Despair”

Behind every light is a shadow.

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Rokka no Yuusha – 02

「初めての旅」 (Hajimete no Tabi)
“The First Journey”

Who would have thought two characters traveling through the countryside for an entire episode could be so interesting?

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