FMwS manga is probably one of the best shoujo series I’ve read in a long time. It had all the good drama and angst that I’ve come to love. A few nice plot twists too. I ended up blitzing through all seven volumes in two nights. I particularly liked the way the ending was done.
Now to see if the anime is just as good.
PS. I’ve heard that the anime’s songs are pretty good. However, I read the entire manga with Utada Hikaru’s Final Distance on repeat. It’s such a good song and seemed so fitting for listening to while reading this series.

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  1. I love that show I watched the anime show and it was so sad that it made me cry. That show was so sad but had a real lame ending. I haven’t read the manga so i don’t really know but I hope the ending in the book is better than the one in the show.


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