Another School Rumble episode, this one was more Harima-centric. I think I started to like School Rumble manga more and more as it concentrated less and less on Tenma and Karasuma and more on the other characters, especially Eri and Harima. So I’m looking forward to the next few eps. As for this ep, I really didn’t find much funny, but it was a decent watch anyway. The concept of Harima being a mangaka is always fun, but Karasuma being an established mangaka was even better. Oh, and the mystery lady who takes Harima in is also introduced here. I kinda wish they would give her more airtime as she really isn’t fleshed out (any) in the manga (up to the point I’ve read anyway). She really only served a purpose to get Harima in trouble with Eri (which is coming up here in the anime).


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