I finally sat myself down and caught up on Mai-Hime. Pretty glad I did as it’s getting good. I swear the director is trying to take every single female character in this story and try to flesh them out/give them airtime. It’s working though as I rather enjoy the character development. The Midori episode was fun (I really like her seiyuu), but the Nao story was a bit boring. If I hadn’t been looking at screencaps elsewhere, the Akane episode would have caught me completely off guard. She would have made a cool action character (tonfas!), pity she didn’t last. I also did not expect the nun (Yukariko I think) to have been a HIME. I thought she was a lot older. They got ride of the Priest, so I can’t make any more jabs at how the Church is always evil. >.> I do like Miyu as a villain but I never expected her to be an android. And the evil man speaking through Miyu was just creepy. I’m wondering whose side Nagi and the-girl-in-the-wheelchair are on and how much of a villain SSJ Alyssa can be. Oh yea, the entire Mai-Reito-Tate-Shiho love square just rubs me the wrong way. I think they should have kept that aspect out of this, but we’ll see how it turns out.


  1. @ Sushi:
    No he didn’t finish Mai HiME yet (26 episodes).

    I am surprised that you watched Otome before HiME though…it kinda ruins the show a bit…but either way, there’s no one who can replace Nina-chan!

  2. All of them are my favorite episodes. Because they have a few parts that I love like Midori’s Hime intro in episode 6, Beach madness on episode 9, and a Cake Contest in episode 10. These and more are my reasons why episodes 6-12 are my favorites.

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