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First Impressions: Boku Wa Imouto Ni Koi Wo Suru OVA

Short Summary:Yori and Iku are twins. Yori’s the smart one and Iku’s not. But Yori has a secret: he likes his sister (yes in that way). However, in all his lust, he first sleeps with Iku’s best friend Tomoka. A few nights later, Yori and Iku get into a fight. Iku is lying on her […]

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Miscellaneous: Eureka Seven OP Single – DAYS (FLOW)

So if you’ve been reading this blog, you’d know that I like this song quite a bit (refer this entry). In any case, FLOW is a group that I had first heard from the Naruto OP4, GO!!!.Days is the title song. It features mainly Kohshi and Keigo. I can’t listen to this song without thinking […]

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Miscellaneous: Bleach ED Single – Houki Boshi (Younha)

While I don’t watch Bleach regularly (especially not in the current arc), I do like the music (and watching the various ED sequences each episode). In that respect, I was really looking forward to this single.Houkiboshi is a very guitar heavy, fast paced song. Perhaps not quite what you’d expect if you just looked at […]

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First Impressions: Sousei no Aquarion – 09

Short Summary:The monster of this week is one that attacks in your dreams. The Aquarion crew is put to sleep under watch, but only half of them wake up. Apollo, Pierre, and Chloe (yes, I had to look her name up) decide to sleep in the Vector ships. The dream lady strikes again and uses […]

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Random Musings

No blogs today, unless something gets released later. For now, here’s some random stuff.Akatsuki Manga is putting out a manga called Naisho no Tsubomi by Yu Yabuuchi. Read this link. That’s right, it’s a sex-ed manga for elementary school girls. o_OI’m thinking of picking up Tenshi na Konamaiki manga and/or anime, probably the manga first […]

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First Impressions: Tsubasa Chronicle – 08

Short Summary: Sakura wakes up in the middle of the night after having a dream about the world she’s from. The next morning, the group decides what to do. Chun Hyang takes Syaoran, Sakura, and Mokona to see Sorata and Arashi. Sorata recounts what happened the last time they tried to assualt the castle (several […]

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First Impressions: Gundam SEED Destiny – 325/29/2005 10:55:47 AM

Stellar wreaks destruction. Jibril celebrates. Freedom intervenes. Destroy transforms. After two rounds of gasping at the transformed Destroy, Cagalli and the ORB crew decide to head out and help Kira. On PLANT, Gilbert deliberates with the council on what to do. The ORB Murasames take on Sting while Kira goes off to fight Destroy. However, […]

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First Impressions: Zettai Shounen – 02

I’m really on the fence about how I feel towards this series. On one hand, there is a lot of conversation and not a lot of things happening. On the other, there’s Miku (by and far my favorite character to this point) and a solid OP and ED. I think I’ll continue capping this series, […]

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Subbed: Gokujou Seitokai – 06

Short Summary:Nanaho Kinjou takes away Puuchan from Rino after Puuchan makes some insulting remarks about the Assualt team. Puuchan of course takes his revenge and puts a curse on them. Nanaho-san and him finally make up, but she ends up throwing him out the window and he gets subsequently struck by lightning on the way […]

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First Impressions: FMP! The Second Raid – 00 (Promo)

Short Summary:A newscast tells of fighting in a country called Manistan. The shot changes to a desert environment where there are several slave workers being watched over by an AS and some guys with guns. An old man falls down from exhaustion and the leader is about to beat him when another guy saves him, […]

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Miscellaneous: FLOW – DAYS PV

The PV tells the story of the rise and fall of a machine who starts out as a garbage handler. He saves a little boy from a fire and gains star status, only to lose it later. It ends with a girl from before offering him a flower. This is such a good song and […]

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First Impressions: He Is My Master – 07

Incredibly Short Summary:This episode was about Pochi needing to lose weight and Izumi becoming a net idol. I’d say more, but I was horribly unimpressed with this episode. It contained the normal bits of fanservice and beating up Yoshitaka along with a Mitsuki style competition.The animation continues to go downhill. There were a couple spots […]

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First Impressions: Futakoi Alternative – 08

New Ending!: Short Summary:Rentarou finds out who the twins really are from a visitor, Mitsugi Kimihiko, who is somehow related to Sara and Souju (I didn’t really catch his introduction…he’s their guardian or caretaker or something) – the one seen at the end of episode 4 looking out the window. They celebrate Sara and Souju’s […]

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Miscellaneous: Gokujou Seitokai OP and ED Singles

Needless to say, I really like the OP. It’s just so cheery and fun. The more I listen to Yukari Tamura, the more she starts to remind me of Haruka Momoi. The ED’s been growing on me. I like the second half of the ED cause it’s not exactly like the first part, if that […]

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First Impressions: Sousei no Aquarion – 08

Short Summary:Tsugumi episode. Jun and Tsugumi talk and get closer. Reika and Pierre see the two arriving home together. Tsugumi and Jun ask Reika and Pierre, respectively, for relationship advice. More training in the simulator. Afterwords, Jun somehow channels a picture of Tsugumi’s heart onto the screens and so Tsugumi runs off. Seems that she […]

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