I’m really on the fence about how I feel towards this series. On one hand, there is a lot of conversation and not a lot of things happening. On the other, there’s Miku (by and far my favorite character to this point) and a solid OP and ED. I think I’ll continue capping this series, and may put some impressions, but little to no summary (ie, it’s going to be even less detailed than usual).
As for this episode itself, it centered around Ryousuke trying to find the orange tabby, Okakababa. At the end, Miku asks Ayumu about Wakkun and Ayumu doesn’t know who he is. The real highlight of the episode for me was Ryousuke calling Ayumu a roricon and Miku’s subsequent kick. That just redeemed the episode for me. Oh, I also find Shione to be an interesting character, so I’m curious to see how she fits into the story.

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