No blogs today, unless something gets released later. For now, here’s some random stuff.
Akatsuki Manga is putting out a manga called Naisho no Tsubomi by Yu Yabuuchi. Read this link. That’s right, it’s a sex-ed manga for elementary school girls. o_O
I’m thinking of picking up Tenshi na Konamaiki manga and/or anime, probably the manga first and anime later if I end up liking the manga.
Is anyone else getting popups when they visit this site? I was getting some earlier and was wondering if it’s cause of the way I visit webpages (ie, leaving one page gave a popup) or if it was cause I use imageshack, tagboard, and/or statcounter. Leave a comment if you have.
Edit Several Hours Later: As per Ren’s suggestion, I took off the TagBoard. Leave a comment if you still get popups please.

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