Three Sentence Summary: Miki and Ayumu travel around all day talking about stuff. Ayumu finds himself at the spot where he saw Wakkun last time. He sees Okakababa and follows it into the woods, where he is surrounded by the floating lights, and he talks to Wakkun again.

Sorry for the short summary, Matthew will probably do a better job at it. This episode had a lot of panning, 3D, and zooming, especially in the beginning. There’s something about the way the panning across the background looks in this series that makes it feel different than other animes. Maybe it has something to do with the framerate at which it’s done? I’m not sure but it just feels odd to me. They also seem to like changing focus between foreground and background. Anyway, I guess the main thing I liked about this episode was the end where Ayumu encounters Wakkun again. Miku got a few lines in the middle making fun of Ayumu and Miki, and that was also cute.

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