As Reika watches over the pod Glen is in, his condition seems to worsen. After the OP, we see some children on a bus who get swallowed up by the lake. Meanwhile, our heroes are standing around in the storm while Reika draws Tarot cards. Reika returns home after meeting with Fudo in the rain. She finds the machine on her desk broken, so she gets Jun to fix it. After fiddling with it, he flips the switch and the power goes out. Suddenly, hands start coming out of it and a group of ghost children surround Reika. Tsugumi’s heart kicks in and breaks the machine so the children disappear. Reika decides that she needs to get away for a bit. Apollo manages to track her down at the train station and they briefly talk (including a bit of Apollo sniffing Reika). On the train, Reika recounts when she met Glen during training. Back at DEAVA, Sirius, Silvia and Reika are sent out to battle a new threat, only Reika isn’t there so Apollo takes her place. The train Reika is on abruptly stops and the water starts to bubble (like when the kids on the bus got swallowed up). Reika sees the Vector machines fly overhead, but they are unable to form Aquarion and instead fall into the water. After some hesitation, Reika dives in and takes Sirius’ place. Some cheesy stuff and fancy moves later, our heroes have saved the day. Back at base, it appears Glen has been moved to another facility because of his condition.

The Bad:
-Incredibly cheesy battle (Jean-Jerome with the clenched fist, Fudo with the punch into the desk, the new attack, Reika’s sparkling tears, etc)
-Reika’s introspection points weren’t all that well done

The Good:
-Incredibly cheesy battle (Everything said above…Hey, it has been cheesy before, and this over the top stuff had me cracking up the entire time)
-Aside from our normal battle insert song, during Reika’s flashback moments on the train, they played Tada Aoi’s “Tori ni Natte” from the Aquarion OST. Really good song.
-Actual Reika stuff. I like her a lot more as a character now. She’s got motivation and some background. And for once, she didn’t screw up (which she did quite a bit at the beginning).
-The Apollo sniffing scene was hilarious. And how he managed to sniff her out inside of a monster is beyond me.

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