Short Summary:
A brief introduction sequence shows that the squid was part of some government experiment from the past. Back in the present, the squid is wreaking havoc so Rentarou goes to stop it. Ahead of him, a police squadron is obliterated, but Hariyama and Kioroshi survive. Hariyama goes apeshit on the squid, but is ultimately unable to destroy it. The squid takes off, Rentarou does too on a bike. Remembering what Shimojima said last week, Rentarou is bent on protecting Souju. He calls to make sure she’s ok. She and their neighbors are all watching him on the TV as he’s being followed by a news chopper. Rentarou assures her that he’ll reunite the three of them. Back to the chase, the squid destroys an army division with missiles and then shoots them at Rentarou. He dodges them, but is hit after he is blinded by the squid’s ink. Rentarou gets up, but can barely walk. Hariyama and Kioroshi arrive to find him slowly prodding along on the side of the road. Back at the safe house, no one knows what happened. Souju keeps faith in Rentarou even after someone suggests that he’s dead. As Rentarou, Hariyama, and Kioroshi are about to go after the squid, something appears over the horizon. It’s Rentarou’s old bike gang! There’s quite a few of them and they all ride with Rentarou. As Rentarou charges forward, we get a brief introspective moment where Rentarou thinks about the three of them together. Their voices transition us to the next scene where Rentarou is lying in a hospital bed. Shimojima has come to visit and he tells Rentarou what happened to Kimihiko and Sara. We then find everyone at the Sakurazuki home. With everyone’s support and cheers, Rentarou and Souju take off in a biplane.

Yea, this was definately went back to the crazy action akin to episode one. Who woulda thought this would sport the Futakoi name. I was hoping that Lulu and Lala would get some action, but it worked out rather well. Hariyama going crazy was almost scary, good thing he’s a cop. Anyway, a good episode as Rentarou regains his backbone and decides to go find Sara. The animation this episode was really good and all the right music was played, so no complaints there. The next episode preview has all three of them saying “Futakoi Alternative”, so hopefully will be reunited.
Oh, did I mention there was a special cameo?

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