The gang gathers at Hagu-chan and Yamada’s place for a meal…of sweets and unique dishes. It’s been four months since Hanamoto-sensei left; he’s currently in Mongolia (and constantly thinking about Hagu-chan). Everyone gathers again at Hagu-chan and Yamada’s place on a different day, but no one can remember why they’re there until Takemoto mentions that it’s his birthday. This causes everyone to panic because they all forgot, but Morita saves the night by making a Twister game out of paper and paint. Hilarity ensues as Takemoto and Morita face off in a Twister match when no one knows the rules. Afterwords, Mayama has to leave so Yamada sees him off. Watching him go, she wonders what giving up really means. Mayama stops and gets some coffee, only to realize that he’s by Rika’s apartment. In fact, he goes that way and makes that coffee stop every day. He is, of course, still in love with her. The next day, we learn that Yamada’s family has become ill, so she has to rush home leaving Hagu-chan alone for the night. Yamada acts like a worried mother and suggests that Hagu-chan have the landlady’s poodle stay over. That night, Takemoto remembers his first night alone, except that he wasn’t really alone because Morita and company threw him a welcoming party. With that in mind, he visits Hagu-chan and keeps her company. She requests that he sleep over (and make her a Versailles-style kitchen set), and he agrees. In the end, Hagu-chan falls asleep while Takemoto is working.

I haven’t laughed this hard at an episode of anime for such a long time. The first half of the episode was an absolute riot. The second half was more serious but had quite a few funny moments too. I love the way Honey and Clover makes the humor and drama flow together. I could continue on and on about how much I love this series, but I’ve said it all before.
No insert song this episode, but I did find out that Honey and Clover is getting a 2nd ED sometime down the road. It’s called Mistake by THE BAND HAS NO NAME. I’m looking forward to it; it’ll probably show up around episode 13.

If you’re not watching this series, you’re seriously missing out. ^_^

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