Short Summary:
We open with a Big Pile O’ Money sitting in front of Izumi – her idol earnings. The next morning we find Anna waking up Yoshitaka. She has started being all nice to him again. Yoshitaka is of course suspicious, but quickly warms up to the idea. Izumi doesn’t believe it either, and so Mitsuki decides to have a contest. Both Yoshitaka and Anna are unable to express their love for each other in a convincing manner, so Mitsuki asks Izumi to show them how it’s done. Anna is taken by her speech and switches back to liking Izumi, eventually saying that she was doing it to get Izumi jealous.
The second half of the episode features the appearance of Seiichirou. He’s under similar circumstances as Yoshitaka (parents dead, huge inheritance), but instead of maids, he got a middle-aged servant instead. So he decides to rescue Izumi from Yoshitaka’s clutches. Mitsuki of course decides that they should have a competition to decide things. However, much to Yoshitaka and Mitsuki’s surprise, Seiichirou does better than Yoshitaka in all the otaku categories: trivia, doll making, cosplay. He even promises to get over his retile-phobia so that they can keep Pochi. However, all this makes the girls suspicious. He reveals that he’s (*deep breath*) a lolicon, uniform fetishist, peeping, hentai-game fanatic who likes to cross-dress. This alarms everyone…except Mitsuki who decides to go with Seiichirou. After an argument with Yoshitaka, Izumi decides to go with them. That night in their new home, as Mitsuki is examining the day’s photos, she notices that her sister left crying.

So Gainax combined chapters 8 and 9 of the manga for this episode. I wonder if they’re rushing for a 13 episode finish. Anyway, the Anna chapter was pretty average stuff, but the Seiichirou chapter was funny, especially the -mania part. For the record, Yoshitaka is “ロリコンで制服マニアで隠し撮りマニアのギャルげーマニア” or “roricon de seifuku mania de kakushi tori mania no gyaru ge mania” while Seiichirou adds “女装” (josou, or cross-dressing) ontop of that. Just goes to show you that there’s always a bigger fish. I didn’t expect Mitsuki and Izumi to go with Seiichirou at the end though. That may be in a later chapter that I haven’t read yet, but for now it’s new material. The episode preview scares me because it features Masami Okui and has the OP playing in the background. As for the next episode itself, the preview shows some more idol stuff and Karin.

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