Short Summary:
After a brief recap of Captain Kyouraku and Nanao from last episode, we find Sado facing against the 3rd seat of the 8th division. His opponent gets to show off his sword skills, but Sado KOs him with one punch to the face. He moves forward, but is greeted by sakura petals and the captain of the 8th division, Kyouraku Shunsui. After a humorous scene between Kyouraku and his vice-captain Nanao Ise, Kyouraku tries to turn Sado back and then tries to delay him. Sado is impatient and fires a shot with his arm, which Kyouraku deflects with his hand. Kyouraku easily dodges every shot Sado makes and ends up asking him why he’s in Soul Society. Sado replies that he’s here to save Rukia with Ichigo. Sado is ready to give his life for anything Ichigo feels is important. With that, Sado charges Kyouraku and remembers back to when he first got to know Ichigo. Ichigo saved Sado from getting beat up and then retrieved a very important necklace for him. After a lengthy charge and attack sequence, the dust clears and Sado falls.

Ok, Sado didn’t really fall, but you get the point – he was defeated. This episode was devoted to Sado’s past with Ichigo and the reason he fights now. I liked it because I felt that they did the humorous parts really well. In fact, most of the exchanges between Nanao and Captain Kyouraku are pretty funny. The one thing that did bother me was Sado’s charge sequence towards the end was excessively long. And I won’t comment this week about the speed they’re going because I’ve pretty much decided that they’re not going to finish this in 52 episodes. So I’m just sitting back and enjoying the character development. The ED sequence this week was, of course, Kyouraku and Nano. Next week we’ll be back too the Ichigo vs. Kenpachi fight, which should take at least 2 more episodes, if not more. I’m actually more excited to see next week’s ED sequence as it’ll be Captain Ukitake of 13th division and maybe a spoiler character (I really hope it is him). Next week should also be the last time we see Houkiboshi (which is really sad, since it’s such a good song). Of course, I’m also dying to know what the next ED (maybe OP too) will be.

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