Arnie Roth conducted this concert (he does all of them) and the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra performed it. Nobuo Uematsu wasn’t present, but we did get to hear a recorded message from him. Liberi Fatali was the first song, followed by introductions. Songs thereafter were played in groups of 3. If the Final Fantasy a song was from had CG, it was shown with the music, otherwise shots of the orchestra were. The program was:
1. Liberi Fatali (FFVIII)
2. Zanarkand (FFX)
3. Terra’s Theme (FFVI)
4. Theme of Love (FFIV)
5. Dear Friends (FFV)
6. Vamo’ Alla Flamenco (FFIX)
7. Love Grows (FFVIII)
8. Aeris’s Theme (FFVII)
9. Not Alone (FFIX)
10. Ronfaure (FFXI)
11. FFI-III Medley
12. Medley from FFVII Advent Children
13. Theme of Final Fantasy
For an encore, One Winged Angel (FFVII) was played. Afterwords, they played a second encore, but since they hadn’t prepared any more music, they played One Winged Angel again. It was a pretty good concert as Arnie Roth and the ASO did a great job (the ASO Chorus too).

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