Short Summary:
We start with Ayumu looking at a cell phone picture of his family together when he was young. Later, his mother calls him and expresses her concern, but the conversation gets cut off by wierd static. That day, at 2PM, electronics across town start to go haywire: Miki’s father’s TV is cut off and Ryousuke’s bike breaks down. Miki and Miku find Ryousuke by the road trying to fix his bike. Miku manages to start it up with on turn of the key, much to everyone’s surprise. Across town, Shione calls up Takuma and asks to see him. They meet up and Shione kisses him. However, he basically pushes her away and walks off, leaving her crying. As she’s walking home, one of the fairies starts to buzz around her, but goes off after scaring her. The next day, at 2PM, everything goes haywire again. Ryousuke stops Ayumu in the middle of the road and the two end up having a talk about Wakkun. Ayumu remembers a scene from his youth with Ryousuke.

Again, I left out that Ayumu had a conversation with Heigorou-san, sorry. Shione is getting beat around a lot, but her character continues to gain points in my book, as I find her more unpredictable than the rest of the cast, except maybe Miku. Miku continues to interest me in her abilities. I hope next episode features more of her (but I hope that every week). The animation bothered me in a couple of places. Most notably, when Miki, Miku, and Ryousuke are trying to fix his bike, Miki’s eyes kept shifting between Miku and Ryousuke; it really freaked me out for some reason. Aside from that though, it just seemed that the characters were drawn a little worse than normal.

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