Short Summary:
The Ichigo vs. Zaraki fight goes into full swing as our hero fights the dreaded captain of the eleventh division. Unfortunately, Ichigo is unable to hurt Zaraki at all, so he goes on the run. Back at the eighth division, Nanao is informed of the death of Captain Aizen. She tells Captain Kyouraku and he decides to go see it for himself. Nanao realizes that Sado is still alive and gets ready to finish him off, but Kyouraku stops her. Ichigo, on the other hand, has felt Sado’s life force disappear, and is relieved when he detects it again. This gives him determination to face Zaraki. On his next attack, he manages to land a hit and actually cut the captain. Zaraki becomes quite happy and the two continue their fight. Meanwhile, at the fourth division, Captain Unohana declares Aizen dead (and the body to not be a gigai). Back at the fight, Zaraki stabs his sword perpendicular to Ichigo’s. He pierces through and stabs Ichigo quite deeply and breaks his zanpaku-tou. Ichigo falls to the ground and Zaraki walks away, unimpressed. In front of him, Zangetsu appears.

Nevermind the episode count, this episode pissed me off because they spent at least a third of it in recaps. We managed to cover around 2.5 chapters of the manga, but most of it was fighting. Still, the stuff they did cover was pretty important (especially the Tousen and Komamura scene, but I’m getting ahead of myself). I was also disturbed by the large amount of blood coming out of Ichigo’s chest at the end, but that’s just a personal peeve. Next episode will most likely be entirely devoted to Ichigo “training” inside of Zangetsu, but we’ll see. What I am more looking forward to is the new OP and ED, if there is one, whatever they may be.

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