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Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo – 05

Short Summary:
Tomatsu gives Tatsumi an assignment in which he ends up researching Yoshida Shoin, a pre-Meiji era scholar and revolutionary. While Tatsumi works hard looking up information on the internet, Sayaka is cornered into taking her friends from school to her home.

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Da Capo Second Season – 05

Aisia is still getting used to doing her maid duties, including cooking breakfast, and going to school. One afternoon, she watches a magical girl program with Junichi and it motivates her to pursue Junichi again to teach her magic. He shows her his conjure trick, but she doesn’t believe that that’s all he can do.

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Gundam SEED Destiny – 41

Short Summary:
Recap episode. There was a good bit of SEED recap too, during the end. Kira and Athrun did have a semi-dialogue where Kira says that he fights because Lacus and Cagalli can have an impact on the future. They fight to build a free future.

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Zettai Shounen – 11

Short Summary:
Ayumu has a flashback of when he was little, playing hide and seek with Wakkun. He also remembers that day when his parents forced him to leave with his mother after he had already made a play date with Wakkun. Ayumu apologizes to Wakkun again, then suggests that they go to the festival together.

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Amaenaideyo!! – 05

Short Summary:
During the school festival, Chitose’s class and Sakura’s class are competing in their respective food businesses. Both sides don revealing uniforms, but Sakura’s draw more attention because it exposes more.

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Densha Otoko – 04

Short Summary:
It turns that that Saori’s friend Sawazaki Kaho doesn’t recognize Tsuyoshi. The dinner goes decently well, despite some meddling by Saori’s friend. Tsuyoshi ends up calling Saori afterwords and they set another date, this time to go to the ocean.

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Honey & Clover – Ending 2

Honey & Clover ED2: Track 5 – Mistake by THE BAND HAS NO NAME
I’m glad to have finally found this song, considering the single was out last week. It’s a good song, but I feel that it really lacks the punch that Waltz had. I like the full version a bit more than the TV edit, but I’m not a huge fan of the band to begin with (having heard some of their other songs too).

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Short Summary:
Rin and Nerine are cleaning the classroom together, which leads them to a blush moment after Rin shows her how to clap some erasers.

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Honey & Clover – 15 Insert Song

I said I wouldn’t try any longer to find these insert songs, but I guess that was a lie. This is a really really good song by Spitz called Yoru wo Kakeru (夜を駆ける) from their 2002 album, 三日月ロック. They even played a good 2 and a half minutes of it on today’s episode. This doesn’t mean I’m blogging H&C today, I’m just a fanatic about music somethings >_<

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Suzuka – 04

Short Summary:
During gym class, Yamato, Yasunobu, Honoka, and Suzuka are measuring how high they can jump. Yamato is proud that he can jump 72.5 cm, but that record and pride is quickly shattered by Suzuka and Yasunobu, both of whom can jump 84 cm.

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FMP! The Second Raid – 03

Short Summary:
Sousuke is called to base while he’s at school. Apparently Gates and company have kidnapped some people in Nanjing, China and escaped with the help of his ASs. Sousuke arrives at a briefing by Kalinin and Tessa who explain that the prisoners are being held in an underground facility.

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Honey & Clover – 14

Short Summary:
Mayama has a dream about Rika faintly calling his name. His coworkers tell him that it must mean that she wants to see him a thought which he brushes off.

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Bleach – 42

Renji’s Zabimaru wakes him from his rest and tells him that they’re ready to fight again, especially against Zangetsu. Renji says that Ichigo isn’t the enemy anymore, prompting Zabimaru to ask who is. On the bridge, Yoruichi has arrived to save Ichigo from Byakuya’s Senbonzakura.

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Sousei no Aquarion – 17

Short Summary:
Because they feel like they’re getting fat, the girls (Reika, Tsugumi, and Silvia) go on a diet. One night, while they’re all dreaming of food, one of the shadow angels unleashes some food-devouring microbes into the DEAVA base.

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Tsubasa Chronicle – 16

Short Summary:
Syaoran and company arrive in the middle of a colosseum during a fight. They learn that there is a tournament going on with a sacred treasure as the prize.

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