Short Summary:
One of the fairies pays a visit to Miku and briefly communicates with her. By the time her sister shows up, the fairy is already gone. The next day, Ayumu, Mike and Ryousuke are by the river when Akira shows up in her car. Ryousuke and Ayumu immediately flee. Meanwhile, Shione is sulking in her room about Takuma. She later encounters Ayumu and starts to walk with him. At the same time, Miki is with Takuma (he slips in a compliment about how pretty she is). The two pairs eventually encounter each other. Hurt by the fact that Takuma is with Miki, Shione clings to Ayumu, then calls Miki the worst as they pass by. Miki wants to respond, but Takuma stops her. Once they’re out of sight, Shione runs off crying. Later, Miku tells Ayumu over the phone that Wakkun is waiting. So Ayumu goes looking in the forest at night and finds a fairy that leads him to Wakkun. He promises to play with Wakkun, who then walks off and disappears.

Not much to really say about this episode. There was plenty of Miku, which is good. The encounter between Shione & Ayumu and Takuma & Miki was something I was looking forward to (it was bound to happen). Angst like that makes this series a lot more interesting. So this series is growing on me, slowly. I’m liking it more, little by little, especially because of the love web that they’ve spun. I’m beginning to appreciate the music more now too. And every bit of Miku kawaiiness is also good.

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