Welcome to Random Curiosity v2.0!
As you can see, I’ve moved off of Blogger and onto hosting graciously provided by Maestro4k. WordPress offers so much more than Blogger does, so I couldn’t be happier.
You’ve probably come here through a redirect script from my old Blogger site. If you were trying to reach a specfic page, please use the categories on your right to navigate your way around.
This site is currently using a modified version of Almost Spring by Becca Wei. The image on top is of Yotsuba-chan and Chiyo-chan of Kiyohiko Azuma’s works Yotsubato! and Azumanga Daioh. There’s now also a tagboard up! I welcome your messages, so please leave some!
よろしく お願いします (yoroshiku onegaishimasu)


  1. keep up with the good work, as a Anime lover myself, i try my best to bring out the spirit of Animes too *cough cough*

    Well, do drop by my blog sometimes and maybe you can point out a few advice on my stuffs. Nice blog, and keep up with the updates!

    Gambatte ne!!

  2. “Testing comments”

    I’m gonna miss this site. Good luck on everything that’s ahead of you, Omni. I just felt like checking out OLD posts. So different from the newer RC and all the professionalizm. xD Or something.


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