Short Summary:
When Zangetsu asks, Ichigo tells Zangetsu that he wants to win, since just living and fighting alone aren’t enough. With that, Zangetsu transports him to his inner world. Ichigo is thrown a regular sword while Zangetsu (the man) tosses Zangetsu (the sword) to a bizarro Ichigo, who has Hollow like eyes and is entirely white. The objective is to get Zangetsu (the sword) back. As he wields Zangetsu expertly, Bizarro Ichigo tells Ichigo that he should rely on his zanpaktou more in fights as fighting alone won’t cut it. Ichigo remembers how Zaraki doesn’t use his zanpaktou to the fullest, relying only on himself. As Bizarro Ichigo comes in for a blow, Ichigo realizes that he wants to learn more about Zangetsu, to fight with him again, lending him his power. When he opens his eyes, their swords have switched hands, and Ichigo has won, thus returning him to the real world. As Bizarro Ichigo disappears into Zangetsu (the man), he tells Zangetsu to train Ichigo well. Zangetsu remarks that he wants Ichigo to trust him, that he’s not alone in battle. Back in real life, Ichigo gets up and powers up. He trades several hits with Zaraki before Zaraki decides that it’s time for the final blow. Above the fight, Yachiru is watching when a messenger arrives with emergency orders. Of course, she’s too intent paying attention to the fight, so she scares the messenger away. Returning to the fight, Zaraki has taken off his eyepatch, which he reveals to be an energy sucking leech. As his power explodes outward, Ichigo realizes that he doesn’t want to lose to someone who fights alone, without the power of their zanpaktou. Zangetsu and Ichigo combine their powers to counter Zaraki’s, and the two close in for a final charge. When the dust clears, both sides have landed a hit, but Ichigo falls to the ground first.

ED Sequence

ED: happypeople by Skoop On Somebody
Reminds me a lot of Ask DNA from the Cowboy Bebop Movie. I rather enjoy the song, and the ED sequence isn’t too bad either, but I’m already missing Houkiboshi and the captain specific sequences. Oh well…
The single for happypeople isn’t due out till early September, but I’ll see what I can do finding the PV and maybe doing a PV rip (like I’ve done for the past few GSD OP and EDs).

Wow, they really picked a helluva place to end the episode. They stopped two pages short of the corresponding manga chapter’s end, which completes this fight. However, this does mean that next episode there’s a that chance of one of my favorite characters appearing. And if not next episode, then definately in ep. 41.
This episode did a really good job following the manga (with the exception of ending two pages early), and I especially enjoyed the fight scenes. I had a hard time seeing how many stripes were on the mask when Ichigo’s power flared up, but hopefully the animators will keep that (albiet minor) detail in come the next few episodes (astute manga readers know what I’m talking about and how they animators already screwed up once back in episode 19).
Not much else to say except that I’m really looking forward to the coming episodes. Next one will be Ganjuu and Hanatarou reaching Rukia’s tower and (probably) encountering Byakuya.

PS. Sorry this wasn’t up earlier. A power outage wiped my entire writeup just as I was about to post it.


  1. I just saw that episode and all I can say is MAN OH MAN!!!! What a thrill ride. I’ve already seen whats happened from reading the manga, but the experience this episode brought to the table was like seeing it all over again for the first time. This is a perfect example of what I love about Bleach, and I hope in the future all Bleach episodes will strive to be this good! Animation was excellent, the musical vibes matched the given situation/settings and the battle scene of course rock (as short as it was 😉 ) Although I could have done without the new ending single to Bleach. Don’t get me wrong i mean the song is not bad…it just doesnt seem to fit Bleach, specially seeing as how the season is going to start taking a darker turn. Oh well cant wait to hear your thoughts on the episode as i find you always bring a unique prespective to this anime. laterz


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