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OP: サクライロノキセツ by yozuca*
I’ve been listening to the full version of this song all week, and have grown rather used to the song. Not bad, but not great either. The sequence shows pretty much all the girls and Junichi looking at for a sakura petal.

Short Summary:
Aisia is taken care of by Kotori and Junichi. She falls asleep after a meal before they can really learn anything about her, except for her name. The next morning, Miharu wakes everyone up screaming that Junichi has turned into a female. Of course, it’s just Aisia. After getting dressed, Aisia hands Junichi a hand drawn map. Junichi decides to help her with what she’s searching for and skips school. Around town, however, no one seems to be able to help them. They even meet up with Mizukoshi Moe, but quickly escape as she starts to ramble on. They end up in front of the school, and Junichi is caught skipping by an old teacher. He diverts her attention by mentioning her baby, and then escapes again. Kotori notices him running away, and at lunch, the group notices that Junichi is gone.
At the park, Junichi and Aisia haven’t had any luck. Looking at her, Junichi is reminded of Sakura and what happened last season. His train of thought is interrupted when both their stomachs growl. So what does he do? He pulls off his parlor trick and conjures her some food. Kotori arrives just in time and gives Junichi some yakisoba bread, which rejuvenates him. However, by the end of the day, the three still haven’t made any progress until Suginami shows up and helps them solve the riddle. It turns out Aisia was looking for Yoshino, as in Yoshino Sakura’s old residence. She mentions the Yoshino grandmother (also Junichi’s grandmother). Back home, Aisia notices that Junichi’s shoes are torn, and conjures him some shoes (except their the size of his fingers) causing Junichi to realize that she can also conjure stuff. The episode ends with Aisia asking Junichi to take care of her and calling him master.

Plenty of interesting developments this episode. We learn that Aisia is connected to the Yoshino family and can also conjure up stuff. They’re putting more and more references to the first season, first with Nemu’s room and then with the outline of Sakura during the sakura petal scene.
Speaking of Nemu’s room, why’d they show Junichi in Nemu’s room if they were just gonna put Aisia in Junichi’s bed? I have a sinking feeling (alright, more or less confirmed) that Nemu’ll be back in some way.
I rather enjoyed this episode, plenty of funny moments (Miharu scene, Moe scene) and plot movement. Lots of cute blush too, mostly Aisia’s. Like I said in my random musing earlier this week, I’m definately going to keep up with this series raw.

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