Short Summary:
It’s festival time and Asami’s class is doing a cafe. Of course that means the girls all dress up in maid-like outfits to greet and serve the customers (What exactly are the guys of her class doing?). Asami is embarrased by it, but wears it anyway. When Kyousuke shows up, chaos breaks loose as he tries to prevent Sonoda-sensei from admiring Asami too much. Of course, it gets worse when her father arrives and proceeds to wreak the whole place after seeing Kyousuke accidentally fall on Asami.
The second half revolves around Asami growing lonely and adopting a kitten in the park. Since Kyousuke didn’t seem to approve, she can’t take him home. After leaving him behind one day, she notices that it’s raining and goes to look for the kitten, which she’s named Kuri. She loses her umbrella but luckily runs into Kyousuke. The two search and finally find Kuri and bring him home.

I flipped through the manga earlier this week (same time I read the first six volumes of Suzuka), and realized that it’s basically h-manga. Heck the first three or so volumes show how they are unable to have sex b/c they kept getting interrupted and the next volumes were about how much they had sex (or so it seemed). What I’m trying to say here is that there isn’t all that much backstory that the production crew has to work with. I think they’re just making stuff up under the my wife is a high schooler title. I suspect all we’re going to get is short stories about how Asami and Kyousuke get closer, finally sleep together, etc, all with loads of fanservice. That’s the main reason I’m bumping this down to the subbed category. yesy and LIME both seem to be doing it, and I trust that at least yesy will put it out fairly quick (with decent translations).

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