Short Summary:
Ureshiko wakes up to an animated alarm clock. She turns over to the other side of the bed, but realizes that no one’s beside her. The clock bounches around before settling down between her legs. At school, Sayaka is still getting picked on until the girls of her class save her. Ureshiko is having lunch with her friends, Kinjou Ururu and Misugi Nori. They’re talking about Ureshiko’s inability to kiss and Ururu says something along the lines of how protecting your kiss will hurt you. Ureshiko flashes back to when she saw a man (presumeably her husband) kissing another woman. Her friends try to cheer her up by telling her to keep protecting the world. Meanwhile, Tatsumi is at his job and goes out with boss to eat. They end up at Asaba Tamotsu’s home (he’s the man from Ureshiko’s flashback). After they see the same woman from the flashback leaving, Tatsumi goes in. He sees a messed up mattress and some rolled up tissues and draws the obvious conclusions. The place is a mess, and Tatsumi gets kicked out of the house after trying to help clean up but instead tripping and breaking some bowls. After school, Sayaka is being tailed by her three friends, so she ditches them, then summons a giant sand dune for them to fall from. After Ureshiko saves them, Sayaka flies away. She lands near where Tatsumi is sitting and summons another sand dune. Tatsumi hallucinates that it’s the high jump and tries to jump over it, only to fall on his arse when it disappears. Ureshiko finds the two of them and they all go home together. Sayaka gives Ureshiko trouble the entire way there, behind Tatsumi’s back. At home, Ureshiko and Sayaka cook together. Tatsumi remembers that Asaba-san is probably without a hot meal. After he leaves, Sayaka goes through her transformation sequence and challenges Ureshiko for the ring, but Ureshiko tells her that it’d be fatal. At Asaba-san’s house, Tatsumi gives him the stew. Asaba-san sees the carrot shapes that only Ureshiko cuts and realizes that it’s her cooking. After he says her name, Tatsumi concludes that he must be her husband.

Apologies beforehand if I messed up the summary anywhere. Feel free to correct what I said. *sweatdrop* This series is somewhat hard for me to understand, and since I doubt we’ll ever get a sub, I have to try my best.
This episode epitomized the Melody of Oblivion crew’s works. The clock scene, the ice cream scene, and Sayaka’s transformation all were done in an ecchi way, much to (I’m sure) most people’s delight. In fact, there are several nuances that remind me of MoO aside from the sexual references, like the way time passes to the way people are animated in their surroundings.
So we basically find out that Asaba Tamotsu is Ureshiko’s husband (well, at least it seems that way). Interesting that he’s not so physically far away as we were originally led to believe. Even more interesting that he’s got a lover on the side. But anyway, I’d like to see him and Ureshiko meet up, to see what they’re relationship is like. For a married couple, they’re rather separated, even if he can’t kiss her.
Next episode looks like it’ll introduce a villaness type character. This show has been added to my to-watch-raw list, unless someone starts subbing it, then I’ll switch.

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