Short Summary:
The townspeople have had no success in finding the children. The doctor tells our group that Grosum-san is a suspect. Arriving at his house, they sneak in and find another copy of the history book that the doctor had. Unfortunately, Grosum-san walks in on Syaoran. However, he ends up giving Syaoran the history book so that Syaoran can gather all the facts. On the way back, Syaoran notices a child pointing outside at a black crow when there is clearly nothing there. The doctor appears and leads him away from the window. Meanwhile, in the castle, Sakura is shackled and locked in a room. She manages to free herself and walks into an open room where all the children are gathered around one of her feathers. The princess appears behind her and tells her that the feather is the catalyst for much conflict, including that which led to her parents death. She started to lead the children into the castle in order to protect them against the evil outside (by putting them beside the feather). She is relieved that Sakura is here now to take the feather back, and it floats down into Sakura’s arms. Outside, the doctor has followed a hooded child all the way to the castle, the same child he attended to earlier. Syaoran, Fye, and Kurogane appear and implicate him for the disappearances.

Not a bad episode, nothing great though. Most of the explanation stuff was left out about why Syaoran came to suspect the doctor, but that’ll be covered next episode. That should also be the action episode for this arc and hopefully the end. I think a three episode world is about the right length, but you never know if they’ll try to make it longer. I’m curious how many episodes they plan to give Outo-world, as that covers some 2 and a half volumes of the manga.


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