Yachiru arrives on the scene after Kenpachi collapses (but not before ceding victory to Ichigo). She thanks Ichigo for the fight and then takes Kenpachi’s battered body away. Yoruichi arrives afterwords and takes Ichigo, promising not to let him die. On top of a high tower, Yachiru and Kenpachi remember back to when Kenpachi first found Yachiru, wandering around after a bloodbath. He took her in and naming her and himself. Yachiru tries to comfort him by saying that he didn’t lose because Ichigo was fighting with Zangetsu, meaning it was a two on one fight. Kenpachi tries to talk to his zanpaktou, but fails, and realizes that he wants to get stronger yet again. Yachiru remembers how Kenpachi took her in, gave her a name, and how he has been everything in world to her. She vows for the both of them to get stronger, but Kenpachi’s face has grown dark. At the thirteenth division, a sick Captain Ukitake learns of the death of Aizen. Meanwhile, Ganjuu and Hanatarou are getting very close to Rukia’s tower. They jack the two guards and enter her room using a key that Hanatarou obtained. But as they enter the room, Ganjuu is shocked by the sight of Rukia. He remembers that she was the shinigami that brought the body of his brother Kaian back; she was the shinigami who killed him. Rukia doesn’t try to deny it, instead saying that it’s alright if she dies by Ganjuu’s hands. Before anything can happen though, everyone is hit with the weight of a great force, one generated by Kuchiki Byakuya, captain of the sixth division. Hanatarou decides that he’ll face Byakuya so that Ganjuu and Rukia can escape, but Ganjuu eventually runs out to take his place.
Note: Screencaps are in the order they happened in the episode, but summary clumps storylines together for greater cohesion.

Next Episode Preview

Yay! Good stuff coming next episode. They’re probably cover to right about the end of chapter 117 or mid-118.

This was a good conclusion episode for the previous fight. We get Yachiru and Kenpachi backstory along Ganjuu and Hanatarou “saving” Rukia. I really like Yachiru and Kenpachi’s dialogue during this episode, as it’s cute, very reminiscent, and says a lot about the type of people that they are, showing their chemistry together.
I’m still amazed at how well they’re sticking to the manga. I’ve said it before, but it’s like watching the manga animated (which sounds like a duh statement, but it really is true if you read the manga first). There were only a few minor changes, the biggest being that Ukitake learns of Aizen’s death through his 2 number three seats, instead of a messenger.
As a side note, I’m really enjoying the new ED now. A lot more than when first I heard it last week.


  1. I agree the animation is almost frame for frame of that of its manga counter-part. Its good to finally see they’re doing things right…I really hope it stays that way, as i enjoyed this episode alost as much as the last one. However i’m sticking to my orginal thought of the ED song. Wonderful Still Frames, good song, but……………………………………….NOT BLEACH’S STYLE!!!

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