Short Summary:
Because they feel like they’re getting fat, the girls (Reika, Tsugumi, and Silvia) go on a diet. One night, while they’re all dreaming of food, one of the shadow angels unleashes some food-devouring microbes into the DEAVA base. With no food, everyone gets pretty desperate and the girls volunteer to go out in the Aquarion to combat the enemy. Unfortunately, they’re too starved to do anything productive. Apollo jumps into Aquarion with them and sniffs out the enemy microbes. The hungry girls perform the “Hungry Bomber” attack, but this only succeeds at scattering the microbes, which in turn attack the Aquarion. As they devour it, all seems lost until Rena saves them. Her singing starts the growth of several plants, which absorb the microbes and repair Aquarion. The resulting tree also bears lots of fresh fruit, which the Aquarion crew get to eat.

This week’s GI Joe Aquarion Public Service Announcement is to exercise regularly and eat a balanced diet that singing vampire girls can save the day. Seriously, it just seemed to come out of nowhere that Rena gets up and saves the day. Maybe it’s repayment for Apollo’s help last week.
Silvia had all the good scenes this episode. For one, fat Silvia crying because Sirius rejects her is pretty funny. Then we find out that Silvia has a Sirius plushie (refer to image nine above). It’s even got a bow in it’s hair and a heart on his clothes!
The animation this week was a bit like last week’s in the sense that it didn’t look like normal (the faces mainly). Some faces were too oblong and a lot of the cheeks looked odd. The musical score was pretty good though, despite the lack of an insert song. I rather enjoyed the epic feeling music that played when Rena was reviving the Aquarion.
Next week looks to be the Sirius and Silvia episode that I’ve been waiting for (ever since episode 14). At least I hope it is…

Has anyone else looked at the offical Aquarion site lately? I noticed the character page has been replaced with Rena drawings a la last week’s ending. The Reika picture in particular is pretty funny and cute.

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