Short Summary:
Rin and Nerine are cleaning the classroom together, which leads them to a blush moment after Rin shows her how to clap some erasers. When they take out the trash, they run into a couple of guys badmouthing Rin and company. Nerine gets pissed off and blows them up with her magic, doing damage to the school and getting her in trouble. The next day, over lunch, the group decides to hold a picnic after discussing how fun it is to make boxed lunches. Unfortunately, Nerine doesn’t know how to cook, so she ends up taking lessons from Asa-sempai. Her mind on cooking, she starts to worry everyone, including Rin. She eventually confesses to him that she’s not that good a cook. Talking with Rin gives Nerine enough confidence that she’s able to cook the food without screwing up. At the picnic, she is very happy when Rin finds her omelette so delicious that he tries to horde it for himself.

I didn’t like this Nerine episode nearly as much as last week’s Sia episode. It wasn’t as interesting, and I’m not a big Nerine fan to begin with. The only thing I really did enjoy was the the strings-heavy BGM that played during the picnic scene. Pretty sure it’s been played before, though I can’t quite put my finger on what it reminds me so much of, but I really like the tune.
During the brief flashback scene in the beginning, they show Rin fishing a cat doll out of a machine for Nerine, which looks oddly like the one that Primula currently carries. I wonder if those are related since Nerine was the first one to recognize Primula back in episode two.
Dunno if it’s just me, but Rin felt really playboyish this episode. Maybe it’s because he had so many blush moments with Nerine right after having all those moments with Sia last week. I hope they’ll do better next week. The preview seems to show Rin having to take care of a sick Kaede, so I guess we’re getting a Kaede episode.


  1. The anime version of SHUFFLE! just can’t compare to the game version. One episode ou get Rin closing up to Shia and the next you get him forgeting all about Shia and goes on to Nerine. Then we get him going on to kaede in the following episode =.=argg… Then to asa and then to Primura. Anyway did’t really like this episode so don’t expect me to blog it. No Shia No blog muahhahaha… With that said it is time for another agonizing 7 days wait for the next episode….. My guess is Shuffle will have 13 episodes…>.

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