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Amaenaideyo!! OP and ED

OP: あふれてゆくのはこの気持ち by あまえ隊っ!! (the Amae Girls)
ED: happy days by 中原麻衣 (Nakahara Mai, the voice of Chitose)

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Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo – 04

Tatsumi is reading a book, 雲の上のターミナル (The Terminal Above The Clouds), written by Tomatsu Asaba. Ureshiko comes into his room to vacuum and is reminded her of her husband after finding Tatsumi hiding the book.

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CHEMISTRY – Wings of Words PV

This is the PV to the fourth opening song of Gundam SEED Destiny.

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Da Capo Second Season – 04

Junichi prepares a room for Aisia to sleep in and wonders about school for her. Aisia thinks of a school full of wizards and magic and works herself up so much that she wakes up early the next day to go to school even though she’s not enrolled.

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Gundam SEED Destiny – 40

Shinn is having nightmares of all the people he’s battled, including Stellar, Kira, and Athrun, until Rey wakes him up. Shinn still feels bad about Athrun and Meyrin, but Rey tells him that it can’t be helped.

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Way Too Funny

Just found this link from TokenAsian’s post on the AnimeBlogger forums. The link is of a Chinese rip of Star Wars Episode III, with it’s accompanying english subtitles. I was laughing so hard that I was crying (which I’ve never done before).
episode iii, the backstroke of the west

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Zettai Shounen – 10

Short Summary:
The festival is finally starting! Miku is sick, but she eventually goes to the festival. Shione mulls about in her room for a bit, but also eventually ends up going (and comes face to face with Takuma). Ayumu was going to go with Miki and Miku, but he never returns, instead following a fairy into the forest and playing with Wakkun.

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Honey & Clover – 13

When everyone learns that Morita has gone to America, they insist on seeing his room, and so Takemoto shows them. He remembers what Morita’s brother asked him, and relays the question to Hagu-chan: whether she wants Morita to come back or not. She replies that she doesn’t, that she wants him to do his best at what he’s working on.

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Amaenaideyo!! – 04

Short Summary:
Chitose really loves her horrer flicks and forces Ikko, Sumi, and Yuko to watch them with her, but they are of course, deathly afraid. After some movies one night, they find a young girl who asks them to save her.

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Densha Otoko – 03

Short Summary:
The date between Tsuyoshi and Saori goes rather well, despite Tsuyoshi’s social ineptness. Although it ends rather uneventfully, he manages to call her the next day and set up another date.

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Short Summary:
It’s almost summer, meaning that Rin and friends are thinking about vacation and the beach. But for now, it’s raining and exams time.

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Suzuka – 03

Short Summary:
Yamato goes to school with Suzuka, but is left out of both Suzuka’s and Yasunobu’s circle of friends. He’s feeling alone when a beautiful girl approaches him. She introduces herself as Sakurai Honoka and claims to know Yamato from long ago.

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FMP! The Second Raid – 02

Short Summary:
Sousuke finds out from Kazama that some candid photos were taken of Chidori and posted on the internet. He goes on alert, confronting everyone who approaches her in the classic Sousuke way (which is followed by the classic Chidori beatdown).
Warning: Even more Nudity and Violence Inside!

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Bleach – 41

Ichigo finds himself in a storage room with Yoruichi, presumably his savior. Ichigo remembers Sado and the others, but Yoruichi calms him down by telling him that they’re fine. Yoruichi is more concerned about the hollow mask that Ichigo is carrying with him.

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Younha – Motto Futari de PV

Most of you should know Younha’s music from the third Bleach ED, ほうき星 (Houkiboushi). This is her first single since then, titled もっとふたりで (Motto Futari de).

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