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Suzuka – 09

Quickie Summary:
Yamato continues to try his hardest at track practice in order to prove himself and make Suzuka notice him, finishing the 100 meter dash with an amazing time of 10.98 seconds.

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Bleach – 47

Short Summary:
Captain Hitsugaya and VC Matsumoto find out that Hinamori, Abarai, and Kira have all escaped from their cells. Investigating Hinamori’s cell, the captain finds that she used demon arts to escape, and he makes up his mind to find and save her.

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Sorry folks, Bleach – 47 won’t be blogged for around 4-5 more hours. Some important stuff came up (school) and I have to go before I can get the raw watched and capped. Rest assured though, it will be the first thing I do when I get home.

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Sousei no Aquarion – 22

Short Summary:
With Sirius now on Toma’s side, Reika and Silvia are emotionally suffering the most. Reika feels responsible for what happens, while Silvia misses her brother.

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Oku-sama wa Mahou Shoujo – 09

Short Summary:
Tatsumi tries to clear things up with Tomatsu, declaring that he has feelings for only one person. The situation finally ends when Ureshiko rushes forth to protect him.

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Tsubasa Chronicle – 19

Short Summary:
Fye and Kurogane manage to destroy all the oni that attack them, but not before Fye injures his leg. Back at the cafe, a pair of oni slayers, who later identify themselves as Ryuuoh and Souma, arrive.

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Honey & Clover – 19

Short Summary:
Mayama finds Yamada working as a consultant for Fujiwara Design with Nomiya. Angry, he confronts Nomiya about his feelings for Yamada, asking if he really likes her.

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Da Capo Second Season – 09

Short Summary:
Though Junichi has gotten to point where he personally reconciles with Nemu, she is still angry at him, with Aisia being the stickling point. Junichi tries to explain to her, but mentions her searching for his grandmother.

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Gundam SEED Destiny – 45

While ZAFT attacks the first relay cylinder of the Requiem weapon, the Minerva is sent on a bombing run of Djibril’s moon base. Before they set off, Shinn is quite worried about Lunamaria’s well being, but she says that she’ll be fine, asking Shinn to believe in her.

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Zettai Shounen – 14

Short Summary:
Rieko is very curious what it was she saw that night. She asks the people she knows, including her friend Makabe Masaki (Makki for short) and her employer Hana-san.

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Densha Otoko – 08

Short Summary:
Kazuya reluctantly helps Tsuyoshi to the hospital, but starts a campaign to make Saori his and deter Tsuyoshi. He introduces himself her fiancé to Tsuyoshi’s face, and goes as far as to block Tsuyoshi on her cell phone.

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Honey & Clover – 19 Insert Song

This week’s insert song for Honey & Clover is Suga Shikao’s 黄金の月 (Ougon no Tsuki), from the single of the same name (also appeared in his Clover album). Pretty heavy on the electric bass (not that I’m complaining; it’s a good song). Today’s episode focuses again on Yamada and Mayama, but brings some twists in. The scene where they played the insert song was so very perfect for it. As usual, it will be blogged when Solar or C1 puts out their sub. Until then, I leave you with this image and this image.

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Short Summary:
Rin is surprised when he wakes up to find Sia standing over him. She invites him on a date that she’s been planning ever since she started reading a magazine that gives love advice.

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Suzuka – 08

Quickie Summary:
Yamato finds that being on the track team is hard work. Exhausted after practice, he meets Hashiba Miki, a first year who really looks up to Suzuka.

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FMP! The Second Raid – 07

Short Summary:
A troubled and angry Sousuke walks from his desk onto the balcony and starts calling for Wraith. When he gets no answer, Sousuke starts to shout classified information out. This quickly gets him a phone call from Wraith telling him to shut up.

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