Ishida and Inoue are in a warehouse tending to Tsubaki, one of Inoue’s injured fairies. Ishida is personally glad that Inoue can only defend and heal, because then her chances of getting attacked are low. As they move out, they are caught by a drunk shinigami who asks for identification. They end up getting caught in a lie, but are saved when the shinigami is knocked out by some 12th divison folks. Ishida immediately finds it odd that these shinigami are helping them, when the guy who was knocked out had clear reasoning for being suspicious. He calls for Inoue to get away just as a giant explosion rips through their ranks. Watching from down the alley is the captain of the 12th division, Kurotsuchi Mayuri, who is using his men as living bombs. Fortunately for our heroes, Inoue activated her shield just in time. Kurotsuchi becomes very intrigued by her powers and tries to bargain to use her as a test subject. Ishida ignores this and appears before him, bow drawn and primed to fire. Kurotsuchi realizes that Ishida is a quincy, but says that he has no interest in studying their kind any more. He then officially introduces himself as the 12th division captain and the second president of the research institute of technology. Ishida calls for Inoue to run away, but she refuses, so he calls for the 11th division guy (the one who got knocked out earlier) to take her and leave. As the 11th division guy drags her off, Kurotsuchi shoots his arm to catch them, but Ishida’s arrow intercepts it. Seeing that his left arm is damaged, Kurotsuchi simply snaps it off and regenerates it with an injection. Ishida shoots off several arrows from multiple directions, but Kurotsuchi dodges them all. The captain decides to quickly kill Ishida so that he can chase after Inoue, so he pulls out and releases his zanpaktou, Ashisogi Jizou. As Ishida prepares to fire, the vice-captain Nemu intercepts Ishida’s shot and pulls him down from the roof. Kurotsuchi follows and slashes through both of them. However, instead of worrying about his vice captain, he smacks her for letting go of Ishida after getting hit. He then turns to Ishida and prepares to kill him, but is interrupted by Nemu’s constant coughing (of blood). Kurotsuchi moves over to her, only to stomp on her and smash her head into the wall. When Ishida objects, the captain reveals that Nemu is his creation, his daughter. Ishida realizes that he can’t even raise his arm to save her, which Mayuri attributes to the power of his zanpaktou. He returns to finish off Nemu for being worthless, but Ishida again tells him to stop. Kurotsuchi starts to rant about how Quincys think they are all high and mighty and tells Ishida about all the Quincys that he’s studied, including an old man – Ishida’s grandfather. Seeing the photo that Kurotsuchi tossed him, Ishida goes into powerup mode and swears that he will kill the captain.

Kurotsuchi in general reminds me a bit of Gates (from FMP! TSR). They’re just cold, heartless, and a tad on the cuckoo side, slaughtering anyone in their way. Of course we can’t help but feel sorry for Nemu (and the group he blew up) for being subordinate to him. Plus, some of the stuff he does just creeps me out: never mind beating Nemu, there’s also the regeneration of the arm, and stuff that’ll be in next episode.
This is a good episode with lots of action, and the animation is on par with past episodes. The blood in Nemu’s scenes is understandably toned down a bit, and they added the healing Tsubaki part in the beginning, which I think is a change for the better. They also cut out the beginning of chapter 121, with the monologue from the guy who’s about to be blown up, but I can understand that because since we don’t have chapters to separate point of views, putting that in would disrupt the flow of the episode. Anyway, those are about all the major changes from the manga that I could see.
We covered the rest of chapter 120 through the end of chapter 123, which is about a chapter more than I thought they would. They’re on a good pace and could very well finish this fight by the end of next episode. In fact, I suspect they are going to add some stuff to the fight based on the preview (which shows Mayuri wielding a kusarikama – chained kama, which I don’t believe he gets to use in the manga). Hopefully they’ll go all the way to the end of chapter 126.


  1. Yeah they did cover more than the usual 2.5 chapters. But i dont know why they toned down on the blood spray for Nemu, because these past couple of episodes have been extremely bloody, what with the Zaraki Kenpachi battle and the Byakuya/Ganju scene and all. Solid animation quality indeed however ive always felt that ever since episode 39 the animation quality has been solid if not excellent. Maybe they can drag out the next episode to make up for the “exstensive” coverage of this episode. At the rate there going by the time they catch up to the most recent chapter in the manga with the anime, there will only be a 28 chapter difference. T_T

  2. AnimeSuki is not down, and you don’t need it to download anime. You can go to better Torrent-Listing sites, like Tokyo Toshokan. Here’s the link:

    You WILL however have trouble downloading episodes off most fansubbing groups out there (including Lunar, which is everyone’s favorite for BLEACH episodes) because the ScaryWater tracker (which is the one Lunar and a whole lot of other groups use) is down.


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