Short Summary:
When we left off last week, Ishida had begun to power up after seeing a picture of his mutilated grandfather. He first regains the ability to move, controlling himself like a puppet. Ishida remembers back to when he was young, and his father told him to stay away from his grandfather. Young Ishida ran to his grandfather and proclaimed that he wanted to become a strong Quincy. In response, his grandfather gave him a pair of Sanrei gloves, used for training, which are to be never taken off once put on. The reason is because that at the peak of a Quincy’s power, they can collect more spirit energy than they can handle, and the gloves are used to prevent an overload which would eventually cause the Quincy to lose his powers. However, Ishida knows that the Quincy first gets a burst of immense power, and he is willing to make the sacrifice for that. Watching Ishida’s power grow, Kurotsuchi gets very interested, but Ishida immediately fires off an arrow, then another from a different angle. Mayuri emerges from the attack, less one arm, but a lot angrier. He decides that he has to use the same level of power, so he initiates ban kai and summons Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou. Its power takes Kurotsuchi’s blood and turns it into a poisonous fog. The Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou charges Ishida with the blades on its torso, but Ishida fires an arrow at the last moment before it gets to him. As the smoke clears, we see that Kurotsuchi has lost: the Konjiki Ashisogi Jizou is split in half, and Kurotsuchi himself has a gaping hole in his abdomen. As a last resort, he stabs himself with his sword, turning him into a liquid form that is invulnerable to attack. Disappearing into the cracks in the floor, Kurotsuchi says that in the end he will survive and Ishida will die from the poison cloud. Fortunately, the vice-captain Nemu calls Ishida over and offers him her antidote as thanks for sparing her captain by not hitting his head. Ishida drinks it, thanks her, and then leaves. He stumbles away, feeling the power leaving his body. Though he manages to climb up some stairs, he finds Captain Tousen Kaname waiting for him at the top. Tousen immediately uses his zanpaktou’s attack.

Another excellent action episode. I thought the music and the animation was superb, making it arguably better than its manga counterpart. Ishida doesn’t look quite as badass as he does in the manga, but the fighting is done a bit better. I also really liked the way they animated the cliffhanger at the end with Tousen. The transition from his attack to the “To be Continued” was very well done.
We covered from chapters 124 through 126, which concludes the Ishida vs. Kurotsuchi fight. Notable changes from the manga: they added some dialogue when Kurotsuchi calls Ishida a genius, added the kusarikama battle, moved around the flashback dialogue a little, and added a little explanation by Mayuri about ban kai. Also edited out some blood, but that’s nothing shocking.
It seems a bit too convenient to me that Nemu just happened to have the antidote on her. I guess it’s ok if that’s the only way they have of keeping Ishida alive through the poison cloud. But then again, this is a shounen action series, so a lot of convenient things happen.
Next week looks to be the start of Ichigo’s training, plus the start of some Gotei 13 stuff. There’s more than enough material in chapters 127-129 to fill one episode, so that’s probably how far they’ll go.


  1. OMG ISHIDA OWNS ! GO D QUINCY !! this was sUuch a gOod episode, reveals a significant chunk of ishida’s past and why he detests the shinigami ! its a must see fo thos bleach fans out there who havnt watched this episode yet !

    [ J a g W a s H e r e ]

    (,o’) Kamaitachi d3vl0u5

    . : : I n c o m p l e t e : : .

  2. U r missing the point, ishida lost the battle, nemu saved him, but mayuri won cause of the poison. It was part of mayuris bankai, even when he destroyed Konjiki-Ashisogi Jizou the poison still would kill the quinci and mayur would still be alive…. so ishida one way or another lost the battle


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