Short Summary:
The three imprisoned vice captains Kira, Hinamori, and Renji all remember back to a time long time ago, when they are all going through shinigami school, assigned to the advanced class one. Training shows that Renji is fairly useless in the demon arts, but a good swordsman. Renji and Kira quickly become friends with Hinamori as an acquaintance. One day, their class goes to do some field training in the real world. Their guides are the sixth year student Hisagi and his two lieutenants Kanisawa and Aoga. Hisagi is well known among the students as having been pre-accepted into the Gotei 13 with an officer position even before he graduated. The students are split into groups of three, and our three future vice captains join together. Arriving in the real world, their training goes fairly smoothly, and they defeat a Hollow without any problems. As they are about to leave, Hisagi hears the call and scream of Kanisawa from behind him. Renji and company arrive to see her pierced through the two giant tusks of a Hollow. Aoga charges it in a rage, but he too is quickly killed. Hisagi urges the freshmen to run away, and then calls for reinforcements from Soul Society. Although Renji and Kira follow his orders and run away, they notice that Hinamori isn’t. She rushes to help the future vice captain, giving Renji and Kira no choice but to run after her. An already wounded Hisagi struggles in the fight, but is saved when the three first years block an attack for him. They unleash a blast spell which, while having little effect, gives them enough time to run away. However, they are soon surrounded by even more Hollows that have materialized before them. The situation feels hopeless until a quick sword strike extends through one of the enemy. The students turn around to find that reinforcements have arrived in the form of Captain Aizen and VC Ichimaru. The tides turn as the two make quick work of the Hollows. Hinamori remembers how Aizen smiled to her that night, and she gains the determination to break free from prison.

This story was originally a side special “-17” chapter from Volume 15 of the manga. It is fairly separate from the main storyline, though it had some pre and post-text that showed Renji, Kira, and Hinamori’s resolve. I like how they tie it all together here in the animated version by having the three remember the incident, and then use it to strengthen Hinamori’s determination at the end.
There are tons of changes from the manga – too many to name. The major changes include the adding of several scenes between when they are in the classroom and the field excursion. Those allow us to see the development of the characters a lot more than we’re getting out of the main storyline. I myself like Kira a lot more now after having seen this episode. Another major difference from the manga is the order in which the Hisagi fight occurred. The manga had him fighting two Hollows before Hinamori and friends save him. Only Hinamori uses the blast spell (which also has no effect) before a ton of Hollows show up. Doesn’t really affect the overall story, but it’s a change nonetheless.
This story is supposed to be about Renji, Kira, and Hinamori, but the animated version leans a bit more towards Hinamori even though it’s not told from her point of view. We get to see how she meets Aizen and starts almost idolizing him. This works very well into the main story since we’re getting to a point where Hinamori plays a big part again. She’s going after Aizen’s killer, with the preview showing her pointing her sword at Captain Hitsugaya. And to think, he used to be such a cute and bratty kid.


  1. Can’t wait to see the episode! The animation looks solid (as opposed to the previous one -_-“) and it has my favoirte character making his apperance as a……..VICE-CAPTIAN????. Horray for Ichimaru! (so evil, so calm….so smiley) Interesting to see that Ichimaru was Aizen’s vice-captian at one point or another which up until recently has given me doubts to whether or not Ichimaru is infact Aizens true murder. Either that or Aizen and Ichimaru had a falling out at one point or another and Ichi decided to take revenge while the Ryoka where causing a disturbence.

  2. get to the story already ; ; …. this is going so darn slow! xD
    But its ok, cause once the series is done and I rewatch all the episodes, it will feel a lot better with all the details and such stretched out. At least the series isnt hurried up yet, which is a great sign.

  3. Just saw teh episode (got tired of waitin for B-S or Lunar so went with Hell for now *sigh*) and i liked it more then i thought. Not sure if many people that watch bleach read the manga but this was a side chapter like Omni stated above. However it was only like 20+ pages and it left me wondering just how they were going to extend it without losing its meaning for an entire episode. I must say i liked how the writers were able to take the situation of the three vice-captians (being in prison that is :P) and use it to lead the viewer into the side arc that Kubo-sensei made that actually gains great relevance in the future episodes down the road. Also cool to see a couple thing that werent origianlly in the chapter like Renji getting burnt to a crisp!! lol

  4. I felt that Bleach has goes well unlike Destiny(GSD) drag and drag…lots of recap episodes…and i bought bleach comics…didnt really make a difference between the anime and comics just that is funnier and cruel…and theres a part(in the anime) where ishida made kon into a beautiful caucasian(did i spell it correctly?) doll it was not shown in the anime itself.

  5. I thought this episode was a way to build up the suspensefor the next episode, whereas Ichigo is fighting for his ban-kai. It was sucha great filler, taht i didn’t even notice to be one =/.i didn’t like, however, the length of focus on each character. I would have liked possibly another episode shwoing more of the characters… like what the heck toushirou is doing at home?

    Or more of the Hisagi guy.. as focus was laid upon him, with his own scene and all. (and you know… not dieing and all) *Cough cough cough.

  6. Hey Omni is it true that bleach is moving to the GOLDEN TIME!!! (as naruto would say. lol) For those of you who don’t know Golden Time is the prime time slot for many networks in japan, and only the best shows fill it…..I think.

  7. I haven’t heard anything official about it past the rumors. I don’t think I want it in that time slot though because that means that I wouldn’t be able to blog it until late into the afternoon.
    As is currently stands:
    Bleach airs 5:30AM EDT. I have a raw around 9-10AM. Watched and blogged by 11:30. Enough time left for me to get to my 12PM class (which ends at 3PM).
    If it moved to somewhere into golden time, which would be at least another hour later if not a few hours, I’d be very hard pressed to get a raw and a blog out before my noon class.
    The change likely won’t happen until fall season kicks in in October. We’ll see what happens then…

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